Google Find My Device Network launched – No more fear of phone being lost or stolen


Mumbai  : Now if your phone is lost or stolen then you do not need to worry because your phone can neither be lost nor can anyone steal it because on Google Find My Device Network you can now trace your phone even in any situation. Even if your phone is switched off, you can track and recover your phone because Google Find My Device Network has such features that you will continue to get its live location even after the phone is switched off. Let us know about this best service of Google. About in detail.

Google has launched Find My Device Network after a long wait. Find My Device Network was announced by Google last year and since then it is being continuously tested. In a report last week, it was said that Find My Device Network will be released soon. Find My Device Network will work like Apple’s Find My app, with the help of which apart from mobiles, other smart gadgets can also be tracked.

Usually the biggest problem occurs in the offline mode of the device. Google has solved this problem with Find My Device Network. Google has said that to track a device connected to Find My Device Network, it is not necessary for the device to be connected to the Internet. Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users will be able to track their phone even after the phone is turned off. Apart from Pixel, its support will soon be available in phones and gadgets of other companies.

Google has given information about the launch of Find My Device Network through one of its blogs. Google Find My Device network has started from America and Canada and its update is being released in other countries also. Google has blogged that with the help of Find My Device Network, you will be able to locate your Android device easily and safely. It will also work in offline mode. Also, due to Google Find My Device Network, phones will be stopped from being stolen. Customers will be able to save billions of rupees every year.


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