Google Employees Stage Massive Protest Against Collaboration with Israeli Government


California and New York : Many Google employees are protesting in California and New York against the company’s work with the Israeli government. Some employees staged a massive protest at the office of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian in California. Many of them were arrested after they refused to move for more than 8 hours. Their demands included that Google stop providing cloud computing services to the Israeli government.

A video of this incident has also been shared online, in which employees can be seen sitting inside the Google office. Google employees protested at various Google offices, including in New York and California. According to media reports, this protest was regarding Project Nimbus, a billion dollar AI contract signed in 2021. The protests escalated when a group of employees occupied the office of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian for more than eight hours.

He broadcast his protest live. Its demands included Google severing all ties with the Israeli military and government and resolving the employee health and safety crisis. As night fell, a company official approached the protesters and informed them that they had been placed on administrative leave and requested that they vacate the premises.

The refusal to leave the premises led to law enforcement delays. Police were called to the scene and employees were arrested, bringing a dramatic end to the livestream. The protesters were part of the No Tech for Apartheid movement, a group within Google that has become increasingly vocal about the company’s business decisions. The protesters reported that they did not want to lose their jobs, but strongly condemned Project Nimbus and any support from the Israeli government.


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