Goodbye US and UK Standards: From Clothes to Shoes, Indian Standard Number Will Appear


Mumbai – : Soon, the Indian Standard number will grace everything from clothes to shoes. The Union Ministry of Textiles is putting the finishing touches on this initiative, which will soon be available to the public. The introduction of Indian standards for clothing and footwear brings great advantages, as it ensures a better fit for Indians. Currently, international and domestic brands rely on US and UK standards for clothing sizes, which do not cater well to the unique height and weight characteristics of the Indian population. By adopting Indian standards, companies will be able to create clothes and shoes that align with the needs and preferences of Indian customers.

The process of determining the Indian standards involves the use of a 3D scanner. Measurements of 25,000 individuals aged between 15 to 65 years were taken in six major cities across India, including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Shillong, and Hyderabad. In 2018, the Ministry of Textiles announced that the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) would lead the study to develop the Indian size chart. This comprehensive study was estimated to take two to three years to complete, with a total cost of approximately Rs 31 crore. The Ministry of Textiles contributed Rs 21 crore to the project, while NIFT provided the remaining funds.

The demand for an Indian standard has been growing within the industry. Indian body shapes differ significantly from those in western countries, particularly in waist and feet measurements. Consequently, clothes produced in India using Indian standard sizes are expected to fit Indians much better than their US and UK counterparts. The introduction of Indian standard sizes benefits both customers and the clothing industry. Companies can now manufacture more fitted clothes tailored to their customers’ needs, and the e-commerce sector is likely to experience a significant boost. This transition also resolves the confusion surrounding clothing sizes for companies operating in India, while customers can easily select clothes based on their individual measurements. It is worth noting that the UK standard is utilized in over 40 countries worldwide.

In conclusion, the implementation of Indian Standard numbers in the clothing and footwear industry marks a significant departure from the traditional reliance on US and UK standards. This transition signifies a step towards embracing the diversity of body shapes in India and catering to the specific needs of the Indian market. The standardized sizes will greatly benefit both companies and consumers, ensuring a better fit and improved comfort. By adopting Indian standards, the clothing industry will witness increased customer satisfaction, reduced returns due to ill-fitting garments, and enhanced e-commerce opportunities.


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