Good news for women across the country: Now women can travel without ticket in the train

woman tarin
woman tarin

Many types of facilities are provided to the passengers by the railways. From senior citizens to women across the country, many special facilities are provided by the Railways. Crores of people travel in train every day, but now women can travel without ticket in train… Can. Along with this, before Corona, the Railways used to give the benefit of concession in fare to senior citizens as well.

women can travel without ticket

According to railway rules, if a woman traveling in a train does not have a ticket, then she cannot be deboarded from the train. Many times it is seen that the female passenger has to travel in a hurry in the train, due to which she is not able to get the ticket. In such a situation, the woman cannot be deboarded from the train.

Railway has made many friendly rules

Railways have made many friendly rules for such situations. According to the rules of Indian Railways, if a woman or a child alone is traveling in the train at night without a ticket, then the TTE cannot take her off the train. On doing this, the concerned woman can lodge a complaint against the concerned TT with the Railway Authority.

Know what are the rights of railways?

In Indian Railways, women give many rights to the passengers, by which you can solve the problems during the journey. Passenger friendly Another rule of railways is that TTE cannot demand to show the ticket by waking up the passenger during the journey at night to check the ticket. According to the rules of the railway, passengers can take restful sleep from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am, but this rule does not apply to those passengers who have boarded the train at night.

Let me tell you that now this problem does not happen because almost all the long distance trains are interconnected. But even if you miss your train and reach its next stop by car or bike, TT cannot give your vacant seat to anyone. This happens for 2 stations.


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