Good news for Dabangg Khans fans: Dabangg 4 biggest update till date

Dabangg 4 biggest update
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Mumbai  : This is good news for the fans of Dabangg Khan, Salman Khan started being called ‘Dabangg Khan’ after his film ‘Dabangg’. The audience especially liked this film, after which ‘Dabangg 2’ and ‘Dabangg 3’ also won the hearts of the audience. At the same time, now the audience is eagerly waiting for the fourth installment of the film. In such a situation, now Salman Khan has shared an update with the fans on the fourth part of his hit franchise Dabangg and he has told when this film will be made.

Salman Khan attended the premiere of ‘Patna Shukla’ produced by his brother Arbaaz Khan streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar, where the actor was asked about ‘Dabangg 4’. Responding to this, Salman Khan said that it will happen very soon, as soon as both of us brothers are locked in the same script, it will be possible. Right now they want to make something and I want to make something else, but as soon as a script is finalized and both of us brothers come together, then ‘Dabangg 4’ will be released.

Salman Khan has made it clear that ‘Dabangg 4’ is not being fully considered yet. Both Arbaaz Khan and Salman are busy with their respective projects and as soon as they complete them, the brothers will work on the script of ‘Dabangg 4’. Along with this, while talking about the film at the screening of ‘Patna Shukla’, Salman also praised its actors. Raveena Tandon is in the lead role in the film. The actress plays the role of Tanvi Shukla, who is a lawyer, in Patna Shukla .

Fans of Dabangg Khan will get the next update of this news soon which will have complete information about the film along with teaser release date, film Dabangg 4 release date.


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