GoFirst Airline Revival Latest Update: Soon the company will start booking

GoFirst airlin
GoFirst airlin

New Delhi :Witness the exciting revival of GoFirst Airline as they prepare to reopen bookings. Stay connected for the latest updates and be part of their journey back into the skies.

According to the latest update, GoFirst airline, which has been facing financial difficulties, has suspended its operations until June 22, 2023. This extension was communicated through a notice issued by the company. Previously, the airline had suspended its operations until June 14. GoFirst had halted its operations completely on May 3 due to a cash crunch. Subsequently, the company entered into bankruptcy proceedings, preventing it from resuming flights.

Revival plan in progress

GoFirst has submitted a 6-month revival plan to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The plan includes a proposal to resume operations with a fleet of 26 commercial aircraft and 400 pilots. The company intends to operate flights from Pune, Bagdogra, Goa, Srinagar, Leh, and Delhi.

Booking resumption expected soon

The notice issued by GoFirst states that despite being in the bankruptcy process, the company is working towards resuming booking services as soon as possible. The company expresses gratitude for the cooperation received from its customers.

Pressure to return leased aircraft

The suspension of operations by GoFirst has resulted in significant losses for the airline. Aircraft leasing companies associated with GoFirst have requested the return of their leased aircraft. These leasing companies have filed a petition with the DGCA, and a decision regarding this matter is yet to be made.


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