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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Go the extra mile with Yoga Protein Bar

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New Delhi,
Yogabar is all set to launch a new line of protein bars. Protein bars are an easy way to meetthe body's day by dayprotein necessity.The Indian populationby and large deficient when comes to meeting daily requirements for protein and the all natural Yoga protein bars are perfect to meet daily or extra nutritional requirementfor protein. “We believe the best nutrition come from whole foods. Natural foods are absorbed and metabolized slowly into the body leading to prolonged presence of nutrients in our body. Natural foods do not induce any side effects such as flatulence, acidity or allergy responses. High quality simple ingredients that we use to create our protein bars ensure much more effective nutrition delivered."Suhasini Sampath, Co-founder of Yogabar Yoga protein bars were created to give 20g of high quality complete protein (whey, almonds, lentil protein). Each 60g bar has about 20-22g of protein and satisfies more than 15% of the recommended daily calcium intake. Unlike other brands in the market Yoga protein barscontain no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols and is low in sodium.  Compared to other leading brands, Yoga protein bars has the highest protein content (21.6g) and the lowest content of carbs (starch, sugar and fiber) at 18.5g. The bars are also rich in dietary fiber (10g), Omega -3s (more than 300mg per serving and healthy unsaturated fats (MUFA, PUFA). With the Yoga protein bars, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes much simpler! The Yoga protein bars are ideal for people working out, who are looking to supplement their protein intake. It can also be used as a meal replacement, especially for people targeting weight loss. Created with carefully chosen natural, simple ingredients, the Yoga protein bars has the cleanest list of ingredients. Yoga protein bars are available in 3 temptingflavours –Almond Fudge, Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Cranberry. Anindita Sampath, Co – founder of Yoga Bars asserts, “Our protein bars are extremely clean label. We have steered cleared of any kind of sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and basically anything chemical in engineering our protein bars. We have instead relied on wholesome ingredients to give same nutritional benefits that a consumer would expect from the best bars in the market.”



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