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Sunday, January 17th, 2021

Global road safety body IRF appeals to political parties for early passage of amended motor vehicle act in the current parliament session

Passage of amended mva will give a message to the world that india is working towards its commitment of reducing injuries and fatalities by 50% by the year 2020

INVC NEWS New Delhi,

International Road Federation (IRF) , a Geneva based global body working for better and Safer road  Mobility world-wide, has urged all political parties to come together for  early passage of Amended Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) in the  Rajya Sabha during the currently ongoing session of the Parliament . The Lok Sabha has already cleared the amended Motor Vehicles Act.

“Given that Indian roads witness over 500,000 road accidents each year resulting in about 147,000 fatalities, the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill is an important step towards strengthening the legal framework for improving road safety in India. The passage of  Bill will help close major gaps in the legislative framework that governs road safety in the country. India, as a signatory to the United Nations  Brasilia Declaration, is committed to  reducing road traffic fatalities by 50% by 2020”, said Mr K. K. Kapila, Chairman, International  Road Federation  (IRF), in a statement today .

"To reduce the growing number of increasing fatal road accidents in the country, the IRF urges the  parliamentarians from various political parties to help enact the much awaited amended Motor Vehicle Act  (MVA) in the current  session of the parliament to give the world a message that India is working towards its commitments to reducing road accident injuries and fatalities by half by the end of the year 2020." said Mr Kapila

“Number of Road Accident deaths in India being the highest in the world, higher penalties for traffic offences will help in reducing fatal road accidents. Stronger law and stricter deterrent penalties have worked in curbing road accidents world wide. Clearing and implementation of the new MVA, which has provisions for strict Enforcement with appropriate penalties, accompanied by public awareness of the laws will be a critical factor in reducing road traffic injuries and deaths.” said Mr Kapila



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