Monday, July 13th, 2020

Global Officials of Dignity Award Conferred on First Sri Lankan Woman

Global-Officials-of-DignityINVC NEWS New Delhi ,

The Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Award is a global humanitarian awards institution respecting the "best compassionate people of the world" from the most elevated echelon of Diplomacy, Royalty, Business and Economy, Medicine, Philanthropy, Culture and Arts and Entertainment whose unequivocal commitment to have had noteworthy effect on Human Rights, Global Peace, Green Environment, Education, Health and Wellness, Eradication of Poverty and Empowerment. The Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Award is a yearly occasion held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, incorporated with WCH Humanitarian Summit and other Global occasions. The Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards additionally serves as a raising support stage for humanitarian projects of its establishing association, We Care for Humanity (WCH). Co-founder of “Gnanam foundation”Mrs. Gnanambikai Allirajah has been selected as the first South Asian, Sri Lankan born woman winner of “the Global Woman Award” in the 4th Global Officials of Dignity Awards’ global woman of 3rd WCH (We Care for Humanity) humanitarian award which will be held in United Nation Headquarters in New York for her service of supporting to the orphans and abandoned individuals. In earlier chapters the award has been won by Hon. Lily Lisaas the first award winner for her passion to help humanity. Her imperial Majesty Empress Shebaj Kasambu RA iii and Ms. Her Excellence Nam Hee won the noble woman award respectively. Her Highness PRINCESS MARIA AMOR D.D. is the Founder and President of the We Care for Humanity (WCH), she is the Creator and Chairwoman of the Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Honors award. Her affiliations with exceedingly perceived associations, dignitaries, royals, nobles and heads of states attributed her as a prepared negotiator and an Ambassador of Goodwill around the world. Princess Maria Amor is a visionary and has led numerous philanthropic ventures in the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malta, USA and as yet tallying. Known as the "travelling Princess" in her own TV show with the point of finding the best philanthropic people of the world, Her Highness Princess Maria Amor is set to have a worldwide effect by bringing attention to compassion universally through her platforms the Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) awards and the Traveling Princess.



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