The war in Ukraine has caused crisis in 94 countries around the world, and a total of 1.6 billion people are affected. The Global Crisis Response Group report of the United Nations states that people around the world are facing money, food and energy crisis. Apart from this, there has also been talk of increasing social security schemes and economic cooperation, so that the people of the weaker sections can be helped.
The report says that a major food crisis could arise in 2023.

If this happens, then there will be a shortage of food for the people and the availability of food will be less. “If the war continues and the prices of food grains and fertilizers continue to rise, then there will be a crisis situation next year,” the report said. Prices of many food items, including wheat, maize and vegetables, could rise sharply. About two billion people can be affected by this. This figure is huge. Let us tell you that after the Ukraine war, the prices of petroleum products have been increasing all over the world. Apart from this, wheat prices have also reached record levels.

Ukraine is one of the largest wheat producing countries in the world. UN Secretary Antonio Guterres said the Ukraine crisis could lead to a worldwide crisis. This crisis will be difficult for any country or people. He said that three months have passed since the war between Ukraine and Russia and now new problems are arising.

It has been said in the report that the crisis of hunger is increasing all over the world and if no measures are taken then it will increase further. Significantly, after the Corona crisis, the number of people facing food insecurity around the world has increased rapidly to 276 million, from 135 million earlier. PLC/GT


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