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Every human being has the right to live free and with dignity. Human trafficking is one of the most heinous acts of crime that is not only inhuman, but a violation of human rights. Although being illegal, India faces a significant problem of children being exploited for commercial use. In an attempt to bring forth this act, TVF’s initiative through Girliyapa Spotlight is worth taking notice.


Their latest video produced by International Justice Mission (IJM) highlights human trafficking showcasing an innocent school-going girl being deceived, abused and tortured in isolation that will leave one speechless. Visually creating a stir on the digital space, the platform’s strong messaging chooses path-breaking ways to portray a highly critical topic that will have a positive impact.


Aiming to sensitize its audience and talk about fragile issues that are frowned upon by the society, the platform is trying to raise awareness through their wide reach amongst the millennial. Through various formats, Girliyapa Spotlight will bring stories that are socially relevant in a unique manner that they aim will leave a lasting impact on the viewers.


In a world where hatred is spread and accepted with much ease, we often forget the little acts of humanity that can make an immense difference to one another. In the growing intolerant nation, the urban youth looks to satirical content and humor to voice their opinions on important subject matters. Social media being one such tool that has given the power of becoming a ‘woke’ generation, TVF’s Girliyapa aims to take this a notch higher with their initiative Girliyapa Spotlight.

Some of the other major social issues highlighted by the platform under their initiative Girliyapa Spotlight previously are Child Labour, Menstruation health, LGBTQIA+ rights, through a variety of videos, still images, illustrations, narrations and more. Recently seen campaigning for India’s first gender neutral toilets in Indian colleges, Daniel Mendonca, an intersex social worker narrated his own journey giving the audience firsthand information on the price of being unique. Popular TVF actors like AhsaasChanna, Khushbu Baid have also been a part of previous videos.

Fighting a constant battle against social stigmas, Girliyapa Spotlight aims to create a society that is more inclusive and empathetic towards each other through this initiative.


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