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Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Get a slice of Basel in Bangalore with Srinagar Biennale Basel


New Delhi, Srinagar Biennale Basel is the Swiss node of the Srinagar Biennale International, a rhizomatic event spread across many cities. The curators of the Swiss node focus primarily on contemporary Performance Arts, that includes a critical exploration of the virtual space as a performance venue. The Biennale takes places in two episodes in Basel. Episode 1 marks the Opening of the Biennale, followed by a virtual exchange between the Swiss and Indian Perfomance artists. Four Swiss and Four Indian artists will perform to audiences in Basel and Bangalore respectively, connected with a live video streaming across the countries. The event is designed to include the audience too within its framework and the entry is free. The approach is a reflection of our times with ever tightening boundaries and yet a continuous exposure to new influences, often originating much beyond the boundaries. The entire Biennale follows a carefully chosen curatorial thread: Art as a difficult space l Art from a difficult position. The design for the ONLINE Performance event of Episode 1 has evolved through many discussions between the Basel based Directors / Curators of the Srinagar Biennale Basel, Janine Schmutz and Parvez Imam, and Suresh Kumar G., the Bangalore based Co-curator for the Indian part of the Episode 1. The city of Basel is known as the culture capital of Switzerland. All set in a cityscape where buildings date back as far as the fifteenth century inviting you to embark on a journey into the past. Home to 40 museums, it brings art to visitors in the most inclusive way. From outdoor installations like the Tinguely Fountain to the Kunstmuseum current special exhibition ‘Art.Money.Museum.’ showcasing a collection of works by Picasso, a visit to Basel is every art lover’s dream.



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