Geopolitical Strife: China’s Fury Over India’s BrahMos Missile Supply to Philippines


Beijing – :The China has become furious after the delivery of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile given by India to the Philippines. The reason for this is that the Philippines has received delivery of cruise missiles from India at a time when there is tension in the South China Sea with Beijing.

After the Philippines received the first consignment of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile given by India, the Chinese Army has issued a statement, in which the Chinese Army spokesperson said that in the security cooperation between the two countries, care should be taken that it does not harm any third party. The interests of the country were not harmed.

There is tension between China and the Philippines over the Second Thomas Shoal and Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. The Philippines has acquired BrahMos missiles from India, an important strategic step towards enhancing its own defensive capabilities to counter China’s aggression. On the other hand, India is also promoting defense relations with the Philippines due to China’s expansionist attitude. In such a situation, China’s nervousness seems to be increasing.

A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson said China always believes that defense and security cooperation between two countries should not harm the interests of any third country and should not threaten regional peace and stability.

A Chinese spokesperson had recently criticized the US for deploying long-range ballistic missiles in the Philippines amid growing hostility between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea dispute. He said that we oppose the deployment of ballistic missiles by America in Asia-Pacific. This step of America seeks to disturb regional peace while seriously endangering the security of regional countries.


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