Gazal Maestro Padamshree Pankaj Udhas will captive the Delhi Audience with  live in concert Jazbaa “Dilon Ko Dilo se Jodne Ka” at Sirifort in Delhi on 9th April  2022

New Delhi,
Gazal Maestro Padamshree Pankaj Udhas will captive the Delhi Audience with live in concert Jazbaa “दिलो को दिलो से जोड़ने  का” at Sirifort in Delhi on 9th April 2022 .  For a social cause, The Live concert Jazbaa “दिलो को दिलो से जोड़ने  का” an initiative of Rudraksha Communication.  On the occasion of 75th Independence Year of progressive nation, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, JAZBAA is an initiative to educate people about their strengths and sensitize them that their small support makes a big difference in the development of the country.

 The COVID-19 pandemic is the most crucial global health calamity of the century and the greatest spoiler that humankind faced since the 2nd World War. India took this crisis as the opportunity to rewrite the future of the Nation. All communities Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians, Believers and Non-Believers took the collective efforts to overcome from this Pandemic Crisis. Rudraksha Communication takes this initiative to heal the soul and bring distant hearts together. Our JAZBAA has the power to transform our lives and approach.

 Vivek Kaushik Founder of Rudraksha Communication and organizer of this Live concert said, “Taking the inspiration from indomitable spirit and connect Hearts to Hearts of ghazal, We Rudraksha communications organizing  Musical Live Concert of Ghazal Maestro Padamshree Pankaj Udhas  JAZBAA”दिलो से दिलो को जोड़ने का…”  for spreading the Winning Spirit message with Love, Acceptance & Humanity on 09th April 2022 at Sirifort Auditorium , New Delhi.”

Apart from Music and Ghazal lovers , More Than 150 Senior IRS Officers of (Indirect Taxes & Customs) and (Direct Taxes)  More than 100 other senior Officers IAS, IPS & Other Senior Bureaucrats and  Senior Corporate decision authorities (MD, CMD or Owners of group) will be also the witness  persons. For Ghazal Maestro Padmashri Pankaj Udhas

 Music is an integral part of India’s culture. Ghazal an expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the beauty of love in spite of that pain. In Ghazal there is no barrier, mine or yours, old or new. It belongs to all and connects Hearts and Souls. Ghazal shows strong side of Indian culture of religious unity. Taking the same spirit of Ghazal to connect Heart To Heart, Rudraksha Communications is taking this initiative to conceptualize and organize Ghazal Maestro Padamshree Shri. Pankaj Udhas live in concert JAZBAA “दिलो को दिलो से जोड़ने  का ”

 Vivek Kaushik said, India is a land of different Cultures, Heritages, Languages and Religions. Despite the differences, our India is united in its diversity and called Incredible India. There is an emotional bond in India that binds all Indians and emotionally they become closer to one another.

 Singer Pankaj Udhas  will leave you spellbound with his performance and take you back to all time  most famous Gazal  in Velvet Voiced of Pankaj Udhas. . So, If you’re a melodious Gazal lovers and fans of Pankaj Udhas ever super hit Gazal , then you must have clapped to the beats of “Chithhi Aayi hai..vatan se chithhi aayi hai ……Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera ……,Thodi Thodi Piya Karo…….Ek taraf Uska Ghar…….., Niklo Naa Benakab….. ,“ and many more. And if you have heard these songs, you surely remember Pankaj Udhas singing to the tunes of these Gazal  songs. So, relive your memories, turn the mood with some ever hit Gazal in Volvet voice of  famous Gazal singer, Pankaj Udhas  is performing LIVE at Siri Auditorium, Delhi. PadamShree Pankaj Udhas  is a world-renowned Gazal singer,

What : JAZBAA: “दिलो को दिलो से जोड़ने  का ”:- A live in concert by   Ghazal Maestro Padamshree Shri. Pankaj Udhas 

When :  Saturday,9th April 2022,  7:00 pm onwards

Where : Siri Fort Auditorium, August Kranti Marg, Asian Games Village Complex, Gautam Nagar, Delhi, NCR 110049, India

Nearest Metro Station: Green Park (Yellow Line),

Entry: By ticket from BookMyShow


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