Gangaur Puja 2024: Why do women do fast and worship hiding from their husbands


Kashi  : The Gangaur Puja takes place every year on the Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. On that day, married women observe fast and worship for the long life and happy life of their husbands. The specialty of this fast is that women observe it secretly. They do not tell their husbands about fasting and puja. This fast and puja is done without informing the husband. Unmarried girls also fast and worship Gangaur so that they can get their desired life partner. This time 3 auspicious yogas are being formed on the day of Gangaur. Let us know everything about Gangaur Puja through this article.

Gangaur Puja 2024 auspicious Choghadiya Muhurat
Variable-Normal: 06:06 AM to 07:41 AM
Profit-Progress: 07:41 AM to 09:15 AM
Amrit-Sarvattam: 09:15 AM to 10:49 AM
Auspicious: 12:24 PM to 01:58 PM
Variable-Normal: 05:07 PM to 06:41 PM

When is Gangaur Puja 2024?
According to the Hindu calendar, this year the Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month will start on April 10 at 05:32 pm. This date will end on April 11 at 03:03 pm. If seen on the basis of Udayatithi, this year Gangaur Puja will be held on Thursday, 11th April.

Ravi Yoga, Preeti Yoga and Ayushman Yoga have been formed on the day of Gangaur Puja on 11th April. Ravi Yoga is from 06:00 AM in the morning till 01:38 AM the next day on 12th April. At the same time, Preeti Yoga is till 07:19 AM and after that Ayushman Yoga will take place. Which will last till 04:30 am on 12th April. Then good fortune will be created.

Why do women observe Gangaur fast and worship secretly?
According to the legend, once Mother Parvati fasted and worshiped for Lord Shiva. But she did not want to tell Bholenath about it. Lord Shiva tried hard to tell, but Mother Parvati did not talk about it. She wanted to observe that fast secretly.

Because of this, every year women observe Gangaur fast and puja secretly from their husbands. Even the prasad offered during this fast and puja is not allowed to be eaten by her husband.

Gangaur Puja
Gangaur is related to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Gana means Shiva and Gaur means Gauri. Therefore, in this fast we worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. By worshiping Shiva and Gauri, women are blessed with unbroken good fortune and happy married life.


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