INVC Bureau

New Delhi. With the arrest of five persons, namely 1) Rajiv @ Raju s/o Ram Sukhit Jha, 2) Praveen s/o Ram Sukhit Jha, 3) Satnam Singh s/o Harjinder Singh, 4) Rajesh s/o Bacchi Lal Prajapati and 5) Narender Sharma @ Pandit @ Titu s/o Late Sh Maya Ram, Outer District Special staff has busted a gang of desperate professional Robbers/Burglars operating in Outer Delhi. After their arrest four important cases of Burglaries & MVT had been worked out and property worth lacs had been recovered from them. One English weapon, one country made pistol and several live cartridges and a stolen motorcycle had also been recovered.


  1. Keep on blogging! its getting through the tough times that make you stronger and then the good times will follow, keep writing about your experiences and we should all pull together.


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