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Saturday, October 24th, 2020

Game Localization Is Key To Enter The Indian Market

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New Delhi, 

There are lots of emerging gaming markets around the world and the Indian Market is one booming one. The growth of the Indian gaming market has been rapid and the competition seems to be growing. Many more studios are springing up and trying to make success in the market.

Game localization is not just one way to get into the market, it’s the key. It is preparing the game for sale and acceptance in a new country or region. Though translation is a large part of game localization, the process is more than that. It also includes other changes such as redesigning and culturizing the game. This helps to make it resonate perfectly with the targeted game players.

Localization is a very good way to impress game players and attract more prospects. It makes the players feel the game was specially made for them. The players can relate with the game controls, symbols, and even sound.

Many gaming companies have gained entrance and acceptance in the Indian Gaming Market through their game localization efforts. 

Live Streaming Of Games

Live streaming of games is not something that started recently, but it has gained more popularity recently. With the use of live streaming, poker, for example, has gained over 800,000 followers online. Many other casino games are gaining huge attention in the same way.


Through live streaming, the audience gets the opportunity to see high-rollers in action and listen to professionals talk about strategies and other important information about games. The audience can also get an opportunity to ask questions.

For example, iGaming studios like Evolution Gaming have studios in India where they live stream the card game Andar Bahar, amongst other games. The dealers are Indian girls and some of them even speak Hindi. This type of localization has proved to be very successful and is now one of the most popular ways of gambling online in India. 

Receiving And Making Payments In Rupees

Another great way of localizing games is receiving deposits and making payments in the local currency. Many game players get discouraged when they try to make deposits and find a different currency there. Calculating conversion rates can be so difficult for game players and some may end up not returning to play the game.

For those who know the conversion rate, they may find it tedious to do. These players and prospects also want to be certain of the payouts they would receive. Having a different currency could make some people uncertain. Furthermore, the game would probably be always seen as a “foreign game” until players can pay and receive in their local currency.

Localizing the currency helps to make it easy to gain entrance into the market. Online game shops like Origin, understand this fact and has enabled payments in Rupees. They allow you to do these transactions using your debit or credit cards, and other platforms like Neteller, Ecopayz, Paypal, and Bank Wire.


Developing Indian-Themed Games

Another way many companies have grown in the Indian gaming market is developing games based on native stories. Game players love such games as they can relate with their culture, language, location, and history.

For example, the famous mobile game Subway Surfer got extremely popular in IndinaIn 2018 after issuing an update with Mumbai streets. This type of mobile gameshels Indian natives relate with history and culture.


The importance of game localization can not be overemphasized. Any serious gaming company knows it is necessary to break into new markets. It works perfectly for the Indian Gaming Market.





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