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Future Prospects of the Global Headphones Industry

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Ken Research has announced its latest publication on growth estimates of Headphone industry, in the global market named as, “Global Headphones Industry Situation and Prospects Research report 2017". The report presents an in depth analysis concerning the key trends and growth prospects of the headphone industry in the global arena complemented with the integrity of logic and the comprehensiveness of contents that is further guaranteed to enrich the report reader who is either a industry insider or investor, with the professional and extensive data analysis. The report is intended to provide cutting-edge market intelligence and help decision--makers take sound investment evaluations. In addition, the report also provides the basic overview of the industry inclusive of its definition, applications, classifications, industry chain structure, international developmental history, competitive landscape analysis, the major regions development status and policies/plans, manufacturing process and cost structures, import/export, supply and consumption figures, cost price, revenue and gross margin by regions, global company profiles, product picture and specification, capacity, production, contact information, upstream raw materials, equipment and downstream consumer analysis. Moreover, vivid research conclusions are offered as well with the conceivable image of the new investment projects being assessed. Trending endorsements of portable devices such as smartphones, mobiles, laptops, and tablets have prominently driven the headphones market size over the past few years. This current hype persisting in the headphone industry is not a fad but the future of the industry. The rising adoption can be allocated to the fact that several people are tethered to their smart devices, such as music players, mobiles, and tablets, for a significant portion of their day, primarily, for listening music, watching videos, or playing games. From being predominantly a home audio accessory, the Global headphones market has evolved to a premium portable AV device. Products integrated with microphones have witnessed increased adoption. Additionally, the rising trend of providing a holistic experience may contribute positively to the revenue market. The crucial factors attributing increased product sales are the technological advances in the headphone industry amongst which the most prolific advancement, particularly in the consumer segment, is the noise cancellation & wireless connectivity. Additionally, incorporation of fitness features and intense competition has resulted in growing efforts towards product differentiation. This market is poised to exceed in billions by 2023. These advances have emerged as key trends over the past five years with manufacturers emphasizing on developing products that provide quality audio and save a user, from the possible hassles. Manufacturers also invest heavily in R&D and allocate their efforts on developing innovative products that offer maximum product differentiation. Another trend witnessed over the past few years is of Mergers and acquisitions. For example, Apple acquired Beats Electronics and Beats Music in May 2014 to establish itself firmly in the industry. The global headphones industry is a highly competitive sphere with majority of the industry participants focusing on new product development and technological innovation. Incumbent players also focus on strengthening distribution channels in order to compete with emerging participants. The overall revenue share was exceeded by Asia Pacific, in 2015. Additionally, the increasing consumer disposable incomes in developing countries, such as India, China, and Brazil, are expected to significantly propel the market demand. North America can be considered as the next significant region of importance closely followed by Europe. The global headphones market is segmented based on the product type: into wired and wireless headphones; on the basis of price: into premium, mid and low price segments; on the basis of distribution channel: multi-brand store, single/mono brand store and online store; and on the basis of application: into media and entertainment, sports, gaming, personal and corporate segments. Envisaged from research, the world economy enlarged by just 2.2 per cent in the year 2016, and is anticipated to further extend by only 2.7 per cent in 2017 and reach till 2.9 per cent in 2018, it can be contemplated as a state of stagnant growth. The market is growing and recovering on a very sedating pace, indicating the state of economic stabilization for the present as well as the future rather than a robust revival of global demand. Moreover, the correspondence between the demand, investment, trade and productivity coupled with the weak global growth may prove to be self perpetuating for the Headphone industry in collaboration with the efforts to revive investment and productivity through policy initiatives. Reasons for Growth and Forecast The precipitating factors underlying the growth of the industry include the increasing disposable income of the consumers, technological advancements and diversification of product portfolio by major players, expanding urban population, increasing consumer demand for increased fidelity and style, the growing popularity and adoption of smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable music players, and other mobile devices, availability of a strong distribution network and rising number of streaming services. The headphone market value and volume is anticipated to expand during the forecast period at a single-digit CAGR value. The emergence of other technological advancements such as active noise cancellation techniques, which aid in minimization of any distortion caused while listening, is expected to fuel the market growth in the next few years while improving the listening experience of the consumers. The Global Headphone industry has been profiled with several key companies such as AKG, Audio-Technica, Beats By Dr. Dre, Beyerdynamic, Denon, Koss, Pioneer, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Ultrasone, and Yamaha. These market players have been working on the future competition by developing more extensive and innovative products to meet the changing demands of the consumers. Key Topics Covered in the Report: Global Headphones Industry Research Report Global Headphones Market Analysis Headphones Market Future Outlook Worldwide North America Headphones Industry Europe Headphones Industry Analysis Asia Headphones Industry Global Headphone Market Future Outlook Global Headphone Market Major Players Global Mobile Phone Accessories Market



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