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Virtual games and event streaming are already common for 5G mobile users yet they are still an urban minority. Market experts predict that in less than two years we’ll have fast and seamless mobile access to live sports games, public services and many other virtual markets.

5G Mobile Networks to Deliver a Range of Real-Time Services

Broadband cell phone connectivity has been transforming our lives gradually in the past few years. Common uses like streaming and mobile games are just the tip of the iceberg, experts say, with use cases practically unlimited.

Many consumers are happy to have higher speeds and to experience stable connectivity for a simple andar bahar game with friends, or a fantasy league with their colleagues. Others take advantage of live video conferences for their work or studies.

Currently this kind of services are mostly accessible in urban settings where 5G has steady coverage and to those of us who have a 5G-ready phone. On the other hand, there are nearly 300 million desi users still reportedly relying on 2G and 3G internet connectivity.

Tech analysts expect the entire market to evolve rapidly over the next couple of years, allowing both suppliers and the majority of users to have 5G coverage and access. Use cases will not be limited to virtual gaming and video streaming anymore, while speeds will be much better across the Union.

This will push telecom companies to offer even better data packages and collaborate with third-party providers to deliver additional services. When the 5G experience becomes the norm, we will have small perks like included entertainment subscriptions, access to public services or an instant ticket purchase for the lottery in India.

Bharti Airtel is already streaming historic cricket matches over its 5G network with immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) elements for users with the right kind of peripheral devices. Reliance Jio took the lead in VR-enabled cloud gaming inviting users to join its branded gamer community through the 5G network.

When these features hit the mainstream it will all be about the network’s ability to support speeds and traffic suitable for national events – from live sports to music shows and public festivals. Remote areas will have access to online education and take part in social campaigns. And telemedicine will drastically improve the condition of those who simply cannot have such services physically nearby.

Live Games Already Top Popularity Rankings

Industry studies have shown that live games are already among the most popular real-money genres in India. Both Western and native desi games are preferred with a live dealer over a simple virtual layout, operator data reveals.

Players seem to enjoy the setup of a legitimate casino floor out of the palm of their hand. Others take advantage of multi-player gaming sessions and virtual communities that can meet over 5G network speeds.

TV-like game shows are also a huge hit on the real-money desi market. They combine in-demand features like live gameplay with hit genres like the roulette or the wheel of fortune.

Live sessions, attractive visual setups and immersive game features are not a thing of the future but a reality in the online gaming world. These experiences will only improve with wider 5G coverage and will help other essential markets develop and learn from mobile gaming and streaming ventures.


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