Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and Vidhan Sabha Speaker Mr. Premchand Aggarwal honoured the families of the freedom fighters at Thano on Thursday. On this occasion, families of 12 freedom fighters, who participated in the freedom movement, were honoured. Among those honoured include dependents of Hari Singh Solanki, Kishan Singh, Bhuria Singh, Buddhi Prakash, Pancham Singh Krishali, Dev Narayan, Sainpal Singh Bhidola, Padam Singh Solanki, Surat Singh Chauhan, Gaurish Verma, Bankelal Garg and Madan Singh Rawat.

Chief Minister said that Thano is an area associated with the memories of our freedom fighters, who contributed significantly to the country’s independence. The freedom fighters are source of our inspiration. Their sacrifice and contribution to the nation’s freedom will inspire our new generation and we will go ahead with the inspiration from the courage of these freedom fighters, whenever the need to protect the country arises.

To cherish the memories of the freedom fighters, Chief Minister asked to send a proposal for the renovation of the water tank and school in the Thano. He said that the Thano and Raipur hospitals have been given to AIIMS. In these hospitals, health facilities will be provided by AIIMS Rishikesh. Proposals have been sent to AIIMS Rishikesh to start services in these hospitals. Two assistants are being soon recruited in AIIMS, who will give information about health related facilities to patients. Chief Minister said that for the major works related to development in the area like electricity, water, roads etc, proposals should be sent through area public representatives and they will be resolved soon. Chief Minister said that a 300-bed maternity hospital will be opened in Harrawala and its foundation stone will be laid soon.

Vidhan Sabha Speaker Mr. Premchand Aggarwal said that freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country and it is our responsibility to solve the problems of their families. While fondly remembering the brave freedom fighters, he described them as a symbol of courage and heroism. He said that it is also our duty to respect these brave fighters and the principles and devotion of these brave soldiers will always remain inspirational.

On this occasion, the Chairman of Dairy Federation Brij Bhushan Garola, Asha Kothari, Navin Chaudhary, the Chief Minister’s OSD KS Panwar, Rajendra Manwal, Harish Kothari, Birendra Krishali etc. were present.

Earlier, Chief Minister went to the residence of Gram Pradhan of Koti Mayachak  in Gram Jhabrani Ashok Solanki and expressed condolences and consoled his family members.


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