France Violence : The period of violence continued for the seventh day


Riots are not taking the name of stopping in France, France is burning in the fire of riots for the seventh day, the rioters have burnt 24 buildings and 160 vehicles. Vehicles and garbage and other things in more than 200 places were set on fire. During this, 72 people have been arrested on charges of violence and arson. So far more than 4000 arrests have been made.

According to the Home Ministry, rioters have set fire to 5,900 vehicles and 1,100 buildings across France in the past seven days. Apart from this, more than 12,200 incidents of arson have been registered in other goods including garbage. Apart from this, more than 270 police stations across the country have been attacked.

There is a large section of support in France for the policeman who fired at Nahel on 27 June. People have donated about 1.4 million euros to the family of the policeman on the appeal of the right-wing leader Jean Messiah to help him. Macron looking for answers French President Emmanuel Macron is looking for the real reason behind the violence. PLC/GT


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