France Flight Latest Update: Know why 300 Indians were stopped in France


Paris : The sudden emergency landing of a flight carrying more than 300 Indian passengers in France has sparked concerns and raised eyebrows. In an unexpected turn of events, the aircraft, en route from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Nicaragua, was abruptly halted in France, leading to authorities conducting inquiries with the passengers on board.

The Incident Unfolds
French officials, suspecting possible human trafficking, halted the flight on Friday, according to reports from the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office. The aircraft, operated by Romanian company Legend Airlines, had 303 Indian passengers on board, with a planned journey from the UAE to Nicaragua. The Airbus A340 had made a stop at Vatry Airport in France for refueling.

The Investigation
Immediately after the landing, the organized crime unit Junalco took charge of the investigation. French media reported that the plane, carrying Indian passengers from the UAE to Nicaragua, was detained in France on suspicion of human trafficking. The rapid intervention by Junalco came as soon as the flight was halted, with the officials ensuring a thorough examination of the situation.

Why the Halting?
According to the information obtained from an unidentified source, the French authorities took action based on suspicion of human trafficking involving the passengers on the plane. The flight had initially disembarked passengers upon reaching France but was later directed to the terminal building. The entire airport has been surrounded by the police, indicating the seriousness of the situation.

Passenger Treatment
Passengers were initially kept on the plane upon reaching France but were later transferred to the main hall of the airport, where arrangements for their stay on the night of December 21st have been made. The police presence is significant, signaling the gravity of the situation. The prosecutor’s office mentioned that information was received indicating potential human trafficking concerns among the passengers.

Indian Embassy’s Response
The Indian Embassy in France has stated that they are actively investigating the matter, ensuring the well-being of the passengers. The current focus is on understanding the situation and ensuring the safety of the travelers. Legend Airlines, the Romanian company operating the flight, has not yet provided any official response to the incident.

French Authorities’ Perspective
The French investigative agency took action based on information received through an anonymous tip. The French government officials have informed us that due to technical issues, the flight from Dubai to Nicaragua was detained at an airport in France. Of the 303 passengers on board, a majority are of Indian origin.

Current Status
The diplomatic team from the Indian Embassy has reached the airport, and the consul access has been obtained. The situation is under examination, and efforts are being made to ensure the welfare of the passengers. The Indian government is closely monitoring the developments, and further updates will be provided as the investigation unfolds.


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