emmanuel macron
emmanuel macron

French citizens prepared to face international crises

French President Emmanuel Macron has called on the country to face various crises in France, Europe and the world. Speaking to French daily News France 2 in an interview titled ‘The World in Crisis’, Macron said the country’s goal is to re-construct nuclear reactors to operate 45 nuclear reactors by January 2023, Xinhua news agency reported. Whereas today 30 out of 56 are operational.

He said the country would move from coal to nuclear and renewable energy in an effort to tackle climate change.

Macron named three ‘axes’ to face the crisis, reducing energy consumption, producing more nuclear power and developing renewable energy.

Speaking of fuel shortages across France due to the strike at refineries, Macron promised that the situation at service stations would return to normal in the coming weeks. PLC/GT


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