Former US President Donald Trump has claimed that he could be arrested soon in the case related to paying women, with which he called on his supporters to demonstrate. It is alleged that the former President had sexual relations with these women and had asked them not to make the matter public by paying them money.

However, Trump’s lawyer and spokeswoman said there had been no communication from prosecutors, but Trump said in a post that he could be arrested on Tuesday. Trump later called on his supporters to demonstrate in a post targeting President Joe Biden’s administration.

He said, we cannot let this happen any longer. They are killing our country and we are just sitting and watching. We have to save America. Perform, perform, perform. Trump made a similar appeal even after the announcement of the last presidential election result, which led to violence in the US Parliament House complex on January 6, 2021.

Trump’s attorney Susan Nechels said Trump’s post was “based on media reports,” and a spokeswoman said there had been “no notification yet” from District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office. declined to comment on it. Following Trump’s post, top Republican leaders, including his potential rivals in the 2024 presidential race, came out in support of him.

Trump’s potential rival and former Vice President Mike Pence said, “The idea of impeaching the former President of the United States is deeply troubling to me, as well as to millions of Americans.” Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is also among the leaders who came out in his support. Technology investor Vivek Ramaswamy said he does not want to live in a country where “the party in power can use police force to arrest its political opponents”.


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