New Delhi :  PM Narendra Modi hit back at Congress demanding caste census in the country and said that for me the biggest castes are the poor, youth, women and farmers. Only the upliftment of these four castes will make India developed. While talking to the beneficiaries of the Developed India Sankalp Yatra on Thursday .

Prime Minister Modi said through video conferencing that the resolution of a developed India rests on 4 Amrit Pillars. These are the nectar pillars – our women power, our youth power, our farmers and our poor families. For me, the biggest caste is the poor. For me, the biggest caste is the youth. For me, the biggest caste is women. For me, the biggest caste is farmers. Only the upliftment of these four castes will make India developed. I am not going to rest until I save these four castes. Just please bless me. Questioning the attitude of the previous governments, the PM said that the people of the country have also seen the period when the earlier governments considered themselves the parents of the people. Due to this, a large population of the country remained deprived of basic facilities for many decades after independence. People had become completely frustrated and disappointed with the government.

The PM said that at that time the governments also focused only on elections and vote banks. His government has changed the situation of despair. The government that exists in the country today is a government that considers the people as God. He is going to work not with a sense of power, but with a sense of service. He said that the purpose behind those who have set out on this Sankalp Yatra is to know the experiences of those who have got the benefits of the government schemes and to give the benefits of those schemes in 5 years to those who have not got them. Therefore, Modi’s development guarantee vehicle is going to reach every village of the country.

Referring to the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra, the PM said that the journey is going on for 15 days. We had named this vehicle Vikas Rath, but in these 15 days people have changed its name to Modi’s Guarantee Vehicle. It is good to know that you have so much faith in Modi, so we also assure that he will fulfill all the guarantees given to the people. He said that lakhs of people are welcoming Vikas Bharat Raths, youth and people from every section of the society are joining the Yatra. Till now, this vehicle with Modi’s guarantee has reached more than 12 thousand panchayats and around 30 lakh people have taken advantage of it.


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