A flood like situation has arisen in village Gohri Mafi under Tehsil Rishikesh in Dehradun district following entry of water in the village due to incessant rains since August 3, 2018 and the rise in the water level of Song river.  The district administration has rescued 42 males, 14 women and 10 children from flooded area to safer places and made arrangements for 150 affected people  by providing them  food and medical check- up  facilities at a relief camp at Middle school, Raiwala.

In addition to   from 4th August to 7th August 72 men, 14 women,  10 children  in  total 96 people were rescued. The work of disbursing ex-gratia relief to  families  after assessing the damage to the houses inundated in water was on. Adequate supply of food grains and LPG gas has been ensured and a medical camp has been set up. The district administration is also preparing a report about the damage to the houses of the affected people and distribution of immediate relief to them. Relief-Rescue work Under ADM Vir Singh Budiyal and Tehsildar Rishikesh, Registrar,Kanungo, Lekhapal and Irrigation Department engineers is being carried out along with team of SDRF and police.   ADM Finance & Revenue reviewed the Relief and rescue work Took stock in the affected areas.

The people belonging to 18 families have been shifted to safer places like Anandmai Inter college, Cancer Hospital, Gohri Mafi, Panchayat and their close relatives.

The six members family of Chappan Singh s/o Bhola Singh and   12 members of the family of Jai Singh s/o Sukham Singh have been shifted to Anandmai College in   Gauhari Maafi. 6 members of the family of Dharma Singh Rana s/o Mohar Singh, Smt. 5 members from family of Shaila Devi w/o Sharan Singh, 5 members of the family of Kunwar Singh s/o Jagannath, 8 members of the family of Basant Nath s/o Murti Nath, 5 members of Shanti Devi wife of  Betal Singh,  8 members of the family of Chhota Singh s/O Bahadur Singh family have been shifted into neighbourhood families. 4 members from Vishal s/o Surendra,  4 members of Dhanpal Singh s/o Surendra’s family, family of Sunil s/o Ramdhari have been shifted to nearest relatives house. Five members of Sodan Singh s/o Jahri prasad   has been shifted to cancer hospital Gauhari maafi.  12 members of Govind Singh s/o Monaram,   3 members of the family of Manoo Thukral s/o Vakir Thakur,  4 members from Sanjay s/o Dalel Singh’s family, 8 member family of Bir Singh son Thakur Singh, have been shifted to the of the adjacent relatives house. The4 member family of Umesh Giri son Avdesh Giri (Saa bah Nagar)Panchayat house and Prakash Chand Joshi, son Shiva Dutt Joshi’s family with two members have been  shifted into the neighbourhood family. Food grains like milk, atta, sugar, cereals, rice, oil, gas cylinders and potatoes have been distributed at the relief camp. The Food and Supplies Officer has informed that adequate quantity of food grains are available for the month of August at Gohri Mafi village. A total of 100 litres of kerosene poil is available in the general stores around the village. The water and power is being supplied to the village regularly. He informed that the accumulation of water from Song river in the Nullah situated in the village has created the problem. The officials of the district administration today inspected the spot to review the relief and rescue work. The irrigation department conducted the 550 metre channelsiation work from 8 pm to 4 pm in the morning   using JCB machines  on 4th August and again on 5th August from 8 am to 4 pm but had to stop the work due to continuous rains.  No work could be done on 6th and 7th August and th work wil restart only when the water levels reside.

Shri Sudhir Mamgaii, assistant Engineer (9412030722), Shri Kuldip Kumar, Junior Engineer (9410909886) are deployed at the afeced area. At GauhariMaafi the Department of Health for treatment of affected people has deployed Dr. Santosh Saklani,  In charge medical officer PHC Raiwala, DC Ramola, pharmacist, APHC Chidarwala  Shri Daya Shankar, health supervisor APHC Kendra Raiwala, Mr. Rakesh Dhanai and  Room boy.

Today 20 gas cylinders, 2 Quintal onions, 10-15 Quintal  tomato were distributed through rafts and other seevn were distributed food supply by the supply officer.

According to the information the water level has reduced  in the river and that entered the village was flowing out of the hosues in Gauhar Maafi. Around 100 people are  working to distitbute food supplies at Gauhar Mafi.

The  Rural Road along the Bindal River under PWD  Construction Section Brahmpuri Ward No. 0 42 is blocked. The Moldhar- Seraki Sillah Rural Motor route, Sahasataradhara-Chamasari Motor road, Karligad-Sarona motor road, L. D. V road is blocked under PWD Dehradun. Under the PWD  Sahiya,  Sahiya -Samalta Motor road, Haripur-Ichchadi-Kavanu Minas Motor road,  Kalsi, Barait Khai motor road is blocked. The Pipara-Minas-Baila motor route, Kharsi Motor route, Rikhad Motor route, Tayuuni Purola Motor route under PMGSY Kalsi is blocked. The work is on to open these roads.

In village badkali Dudhli,Tehsil Doiwala,Khatta Pani no work was done due to incessant rain on August 6, 2018. Two JCB machines are working at Chussu Pani since 8 am on August 7, 2018.Assistant engineer Suresh Rawat( 9410712330) and Sachin Tomar, Junior Engineer (8979048567) are deputed on the spot.

On August 5, 2018, the work of channelization of 200 meters of Suswa river in village Jhadroand under gram panchayat Simlass was done. From 8 am on August 7, 2018 one JCB machine is working.  Assistant engineer Suresh Rawat( 9410712330) and Sachin Tomar, Junior Engineer (8979048567) are deputed on the spot.


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