Flood like situation created after storm and heavy rain in Dubai


Dubai : The storm that hit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman this week brought record rainfall. Due to this, the entire city was submerged, houses were flooded, traffic came to a standstill and people were trapped in their homes. Not only this, at least 19 flights going from Dubai to Delhi had to be cancelled.

One person died in the floods in Dubai, while at least 20 people lost their lives in Oman. Here only water is visible everywhere. Water started leaking from the roofs, doors and windows of various houses. The impact of the storm has spread beyond Dubai.

Along with the entire United Arab Emirates, neighboring country Bahrain was also submerged in floods. In view of the current situation, schools have been closed in UAE. On the other hand, 20 people have died so far in Oman due to rain and storm. The situation in Bahrain has also worsened due to the storm.


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