Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Flavored water industry in India is still at very nascent stage

INVC NEWS New Delhi, Shreeyum Foods Pvt. Ltd., a start-up organization recognized under the Start -up India Scheme, today announced the launch of Infuze, India’s first of its kind purified water infused with natural flavors of herbs and fruits. Infuze flavored water with no sugar, no calories and no preservatives promotes healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to drink more water. It is a substitute to bottled drinking water, carbonated sodas as well as other flavored and sugary beverages that are available in the market today. Infuze water is also the first to be available in Licorice (Saunf) and Basil (Tulsi) flavor in addition to Apple and Pineapple. They are priced at Rs. 20 and Rs. 10 for 500ml and 200ml respectively and will be soon available across Mumbai expanding their presence gradually to other cities. The Company is planning to sell the product through indirect channel (Retailers, distributors) as well as direct channel i.e. direct supplies to the big customers. Some of the customers segment/market which have been identified as target customers are Catering industry, Hotel industry, Restaurants chains, Supermarkets, Online Grocery stores, Events, corporate clients etc. Water is a must requirement in all the events and gatherings and by offering varieties in water, company is creating a unique Niche that has large market prospects. Company plans to add more flavors later in a systematic and planned manner and also provide the option of customized flavors in direct channel (Big Event, Catering or Hotel etc.). Speaking on the launch, Mr. Akshay Solanki, Promoter and Director of Shreeyum Foods Pvt. Ltd., said, “Flavored water industry in India is still at very nascent stage with no established player in Non-sugary infused water category but with the growing health consciousness, India is not very far from demanding and adopting flavored water. With Infuze, water is being made more interesting and readily available to the modern health conscious smart individuals who are bored of drinking normal water and want an alternate to the carbonated sodas and other unhealthy drinks. The Concept of Infused water is generation old in India but is diminishing with time. As an innovator in the new beverage category of ‘Flavored water’ we are passionate about bringing those infused water beverages again to the lives of people and promote a healthy lifestyle.”



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