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We are living in an era where attending an event virtually is equal to attending it physically. Virtual events are online events that include breakout sessions, video conferencing, web conferencing, collaboration tools, communication, and social networking. It can be enabled on smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets from anywhere in the world. Organizations have shifted online in ways we could not have foreseen before the pandemic in the last two years. Virtual events have shown to be a highly effective way of raising brand awareness, launching products, generating leads, and increasing consumer loyalty all of which is normally accomplished through physical events.


Below is the list of Virtual Event Platforms changing the face of Virtual Events



Wiztales is a platform that includes the largest pool of live engagement features in the market with over 50 options to choose from. It ranges from AI-based Photobooth, Networking Lounge, and 3D Treasure Hunts to automated Live Musical Tambola, AI Matchmaking, and intelligent Gamification, Wiztales has also developed & incorporated some mind-blowing engagement capabilities in the platform. The company was started by Sumanyu Soniwal, Director, Founder & Technical Head, and has its headquarters in Bangalore. The platform has a parent company Wiz365 which to date is hosting more than 100k users. Wiz365 is one of the most popular products of the parent company WizTales which was launched in December 2017 as an experiential event-tech company. At present, Wiztales is working towards launching a new revamped, and more powerful version of Wiz365, which will have the potential to completely transform the way Virtual Events are conducted today. 



It is the platform where events take place in virtual, hybrid, and in-person. The platform acts as a virtual venue for organizations that engage people and make interactive events through experience to their global audience and transform the way people connect, interact, and host events. The company was founded by Vaibhav Jain in early 2020 and has its headquarters in San Francisco. The platform is specialized in conducting virtual events, SAAS Platform, analytics, intelligence, and live streaming. The hybrid platform is trusted by a growing list of global brands which has United Nations, Roche, Informa Markets, Tech in Asia, Fortune, AWS, Siemens, and Cognizant in the list.


Dreamcast Global

The virtual & hybrid events platform was founded by Gautum Seth, Co-Founder, and Director in 2010 and has its headquarters in Gurugram. The virtual & hybrid event platform helps to boost your brand value and maximize your global reach. The company makes virtual & hybrid shows simple and easy with their specialties which have unique and immersive features that enable you to host engaging, bizarre, customized virtual events, webinars, hybrid events, customized virtual events, live streaming, and webcasting that best suit your requirements. Dreamcast also offers seamless networking, technology consultation, immersive experience, quick turn-around time, and extensive branding.



The platforms deliver events in in-person, hybrid, and virtual forms. It helps to host amazing events that delight audiences. Vfairs has its headquarters in Texas and was founded in 2016. The platform enables organizations to conduct online events like virtual educational, career/job fairs, virtual food shows, virtual graduation, online conferences, summits, trade shows, expos and meet-ups, forums, etc. Vfairs is the virtual event platform that is used by several world’s leading organizations like Nestle, Unilever, T-Mobile, UMUC, and APUS. The company enables an intuitive virtual experience to exhibitors and visitors along with other highlights like interactive features of audio/video chat.



Hopin was founded by Johnny Boufarhat in 2016 and has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. The video teleconferencing online conference-hosting platform creates an immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences for your audience irrespective of their physical presence. The platform allows meeting participants to network online in new ways, exchange virtual business cards, and get a summary of their connections after an event. It is the platform with endless potential which manages, plan, and produce events and make them easier than ever for people. The company has hosted more than 80 thousand events and has more than 100,000 customers like American Express, The Financial Times, etc.


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