Five Literary flag-bearers, Indian Poetry has been benefiting from:


Dr. Subham Joshi } Poetry has been one of the less read genres of literature in India but of course the contemporary trend of readership or more predominantly the literary activities in the past decade has shown a resurgence of poetry. The Mahabharata and The Ramayana were both written in the form of poetry and are widely regarded as the two paramount epics of the world. With such a rich poetic heritage Indian poetry somewhere deserved such a revival. The Hungry Movement of West Bengal which somewhere lost its base did the good thing of kicking in new revolutionary thoughts in literary minded people. The movement was succeeded by the Little magazine movement the effects of which can still be seen in many parts of India. Then came the era of modernisation through the world wide web and the era of e-magazines which has indeed brought in many new talented literary faces to the world of literature and poetry in particular.

Of course we all enjoy the onscreen performances but behind the curtains there are few pillars standing strong to support the roof of the literary theatre of poetry. Let’s meet six such literary entrepreneurs who have bestowed their service for the upliftment of poetry in India in the last decade and are still continuing their relentless efforts to promote poetry in their own ways. Time and vision were their investments and the fruits are now for every poetry lovers to treasure. Their endeavours can be termed as literary entrepreneurship for the medium they have chosen to keep Indian intact with the outer world.

Dr. H.K. Kaul

 When poetry in India was almost like dry stones in a river valley, Dr. H.K. Kaul, a Library specialist, established the Poetry Society (India) Dr. H.K. Kaul ,Dr. H.K. Kaul INVC NEWSalmost three decades ago in 1984 which still stands as one of the most coveted poetry forums of India. The Poetry Society (India) publishes an international journal in addition to many workshops and poetry readings all over India. This society has played a significant role in bringing youth to the mainstream poetry India let alone connecting them to many international readers. The Poetry Society is one of the foremost literary societies of India that has dared to concentrate itself solely upon poetry.
As a person Dr. Kaul must be termed a visionary who also founded the Developing Library Network in 1988.  Since 1972 he has authored and edited 58 books. He examined in the 1970’s thousand’s of rare books on India and produced Traveller’s India and Historic Delhi, both published by Oxford University Press.


Rati Saxena

 By recognition a Hindi poet, translator and Sanskrit scholar, Rati has been hosting the unique Kritya International Festival of poetry for the last nine years. Back in the year 2005 Rati introduced the festival as a Rati Saxena,Rati Saxena INVC NEWScelebration of poetry at the museum auditorium in Thiruvananthaouram, Kerela. Since then she has been consistent in organizing this festival. Over these nine years Kritya has been successful in opening a new gateway to India nurturing an international poetic collaboration through which many international poets have been able to feel the celluloid of Indian poetics. The interesting thing about this festival and organization is it not only uses English as the medium of communication but promotes the National language Hindi to a considerable extent.
As a poet, she has authored three collections of poems in Hindi and one each in English and Malayalam (in translation). Rati has visited widely in several international poetry festivals including Medellin and Struga Poetry Evenings among others. She is also the recipient of the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award for Translation in 2000.


Surya Rao

Muse India is one of the most popular names when it comes to Indian poetry or literature. Hyderabad Literature Festival or HLF in short is G SP RAO,POETanother popular literary uprising in India that has significantly boosted the growing popularity of poetry in India since the past three years. The name Surya Rao is like the Sun delivering energy to both these literary endeavours. Muse India and HLF have been significant in creating an international poetic awareness among the Indian masses and have allowed Indian poets to present their poetic prowess in front of international readers. Muse India has given birth to several young writers and HLF is one of the rare literary festivals that have risen to popularity in a span of just three to four years.
Coming to the person, Surya is a techie turned into a literary entrepreneur. An Engineer by background, Surya Rao has worked for IBM in his earlier life. He has authored Meghamitra and other poems and The lock at the gate back in 2004.


Sonnet Mondal

Having a name synonymous with poetry itself this young poet has gifted India one of the most recognized poetry magazines: The Enchanting Verses Literary Review. Since 2008, the magazine has Sonnet Mondal,Sonnet Mondal INVC NEWS,POET Sonnet Mondalbeen successful in providing a platform for new and upcoming poets to share a common space with eminent names in the arena of poetry. In the year 2010 Sonnet was one of the key persons behind the collaboration of this journal with the oldest print magazine of Macedonia: The Stremez. This endeavour has received special mention in the Diplomatic Bulletin of Macedonia twice in 2011 and 2013. The Enchanting Verses Literary Review is like a bridge connecting India to the outer world only through the genre we call as poetry.
As a poet, Sonnet was among the Famous Five of India Today magazine in 2010 and has been featured significantly, numerous times in national and international media. He has penned 8 books of poetry and is the first Indian poet featured in The Penguin Review of Youngstown State University over a span of fifty years. Sonnet is also the youngest poet to have represented India at the “Bridges Poetry Event” of SPE.

Abhay K.

Popularly called as the Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K belongs to the younger generation of literary entrepreneurs. His ‘Earth Anthem’ and Abhay K.,POET Abhay K.,Abhay K. INVC NEWS“SAARC anthem”, both written as poetry have created quite a stir for a need for common anthems of humanity. Abhay has got into the list of these literary entrepreneurs though his constant effort to create awareness about poetry wherever he goes. Abhay while in Delhi introduced ‘Poetry at the Monument’: a poetry movement under which poetry was read at seven key monuments of the ancient city of Delhi. He has also been regular in organizing poetry readings in Nepal introducing a special concept of ‘Poemandu’ which has completed quite a few poetry sessions in the city of Kathmandu.
He has been honoured with the SAARC Literary Award for his contribution to contemporary South Asian Poetry and nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2013. In 2011, he has also received Gov2. award on behalf of the Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs.

Dr. Subham Joshi PHD research scholar,Dr. Subham Joshi, PHD research scholar INVC NEWSDr. Subham Joshi

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