New Delhi,
Aiming to churn out Micro Entrepreneurs in Gig Economy, a first ever innovative global platform ‘FlexiOrg’ has been launched in India.FlexiOrg is a unique global platform that provides complete support and security to Gig Economy Professionals/Freelancer as well as Organizations, Ajay Sharma, HR Expert & Future of Work Strategist, Founder, FlexiOrg

In India’s huge informal work economy, 50 per cent of freelance work is premised on exploitation. Thus Gig Economy Profession has not yet majorly penetrated the landscape.

Hence, Regulations enabling such possibilities can be a step in the right direction of strengthening Micro Entrepreneurship.

In view of the challenges of Freelancers/Gig Economy Professionals, FlexiOrg has come up with a transparent on demand workforce solution that ensures formalization of workforce and take care of their overall wellness in terms of Self Management, Taxation & legal, Client Management and Skill Development.

Based on the agenda of strengthening Gig Economy Professionals and Future of Work, FlexiOrg offers support to candidate and organization as well. The Gig Economy Professionals can use HR Ecosystem of FlexiOrgfor insurance, career management, self development, invoicing, tax management, holiday planning, Medical/Health and Wellness Management.

However, organizations/employers also get majorly benefitted as the professional HR Team helps them managing requirement with true experts in their field without having to actually ‘hire’ them.

Ajay Sharma, HRM Expert & Future of Work Strategist, Founder, Flexi Org informs, we are charting a new path for Micro Entrepreneurs by connecting businesses to bespoke creative service provider gig economy professionals globally. ‘Entrepreneur Isation’ of the gig economy professionals in metro cities is widely happening in India, with more and more candidates opting out of the daily grind and choosing to be ‘fluid’. The number of gig economy professionals being hired for short project or as contract workers has risen from 20 per cent to 25 per cent in the contingent workforce in the past two years. It has given rise to the Gig or Flex Economy.

Further he highlights, Gig Economy in India has brought about a radical change in the education system. Now the idea of educating oneself is not merely to obtain a degree or a certificate that just adds weight to the resume, but to acquire a set of industry skills necessary to be able to attain a job.

Long-term careers at just one or two companies have become a thing of the past, now Gig Economy has given a boost to independent working. Freelancing for short-term contracts has become more appealing and churning out Micro Entrepreneurs at large.

Flexi Org is one such platform where short term projects are being offered on open platforms and people are bidding on acquiring these projects, completing them, and earning a handsome fee which is satiating their aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur.


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