Film Dobaara to premiere on Indian Television

Manav Kaul and Parvathy Omanakuttan’s Dobaara to premiere on Indian Television!
Manav Kaul and Parvathy Omanakuttan’s Dobaara to premiere on Indian Television!

Directed by Bejoy Nambiar, the film is set to premiere on Zindagi’s value added service on DTH platforms, on 23th October


Inspiring the audiences with creative and unique storytelling, Zindagi has time and again delivered path-breaking content that entertains and engages the audiences. Zindagi, yet again, brings to audiences one such powerful film, Dobaara that revolves around a broken marriage, a story of dreams, relationships, emotions and a second chance at life. Directed by critically acclaimed director Bejoy Nambair, the romantic drama stars Manav Kaul and Parvathy Omanakuttan in lead roles. The film is set to premier on Zindagi’s DTH platforms Tata Play, Airtel, Dish TV and D2H on Sunday, 23rd October at 8pm.

Bringing to light the story of love and dreams, Dobaara traces the journey of a young free-spirited girl, Parvathy (Parvathy Omanakuttan) who loves to live life on her own terms. Her life takes a different turn, when she is married to a man of her parent’s choice, Mohan (Manav Kaul). Post marriage, the couple moves to a new city. While Mohan gets busy with work, Parvathy looks after the family.  With different mentalities and a dissimilar approach towards situations, Parvathy and Mohan come to terms with how difficult their marriage has been. Shedding light on the problems of a broken loveless marriage, Dobaara is the story of a second chance at life, self-love, self-discovery, reliving dreams and finding happiness.

Talking about the film, actor Manav Kaul said, “Opportunities do not come knocking often, so if they do, we must make the most of it. Dobaara is a film that strongly reflects on the idea of a second chance at life and happiness. This film will definitely resonate with all the men and women of today and highlight the importance of self-love, dreams, relationships and happiness.  A story backed by emotions, Dobaara is an extremely relatable film and I hope audiences enjoy the premiere on Zindagi’s DTH platforms.”

Speaking about her character and sharing her experience, actor Parvathy Omanakuttan said, “Dobaara ticked all the boxes for me from the word go – The story, the characters, the director, co actors, the team and the locations – (Mumbai and Kerala). The story was absolutely moving and something I thought a lot of people can relate to, especially women. The name of the character, instantly clicked with me and I said to myself “it has to be me playing the part”. The vulnerability and intensity of “Parvathy” struck a chord straightaway.  Anyone who has worked with Bejoy will agree that he approaches every script with a fervent and the pulse of it thumps in everyone on the set. Working with Manav was another high point of the movie. He is such a seasoned actor and so effortless. The combination of having Bejoy and Manav alongside, made creating this beautiful film a memory to cherish. The high point certainly was when Dobaara was screened at the South Asian International Film Festival. And just like its namesake I am super excited that Dobaara is finally getting a second chance and having its television premiere. I really hope that the audience will love it as much as we did making this beautiful film.

Taking the audiences through a journey of self-love, emotions, dreams and more, Zindagi brings the heart-warming story of Dobaara to its audiences, this festive season!

Don’t forget to tune in to 154 on Tata Play, 102 on Airtel and 117 on Dish TV and D2H to watch Dobaara this Sunday, 23rd October, 2022 at 8 PM!


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