New Delhi ,

SOPAN Festival organized by the young and upcoming artists of Sahitya Kala Parishad along with Delhi Government has been received well by the audience.  The third day saw some amazing artists taking the excitement to the next level. Anaghashree Sajeevnath started the show by performing 3 krits namely, A Purandara DasarKriti – “Gajavadana Beduve” in Raad Gouda Mallar, G.N Balasubrahmaniyam Kriti – “Saraswati Namostute” in Raag Saraswati and Raja Swatitirunnal Tillana in Raag Dhanashri. This was followed by Sabir Akhtar Hussain, who performed raag Maru Bihag, accompanied by Aamir Hussain & Amaan Jamil on Tabla. Later, Premananda Sahoo presented three acts of traditional Odissi dance form, namely Batu, anritta item that is said to have been derived from the influence of the tantric worship of Batukeshwar Bhairav, an aspect of Shiva. Followed by Leela Nidhi also known as Odiya Champu. The last act will be Arabhi Pallavi which is an elaboration of both the musical and the dance compositions. The evening was culminated by Vishavdeep’s Kathak. He began the invocation of his performance with the praises of Lord Shiva through a Shiva Stuti weaved in Raag Bhopali. Following that, he continue his performance with param paricteental. He ends his performance with a traditional bandish depicting the flute of Lord Krishna. The lyrics of the bandish- Bhor bhayi baaje, madhur muraliya.

The festival of Young Musicians and Dancers started on February 1, 2019 is an attempts to promote the traditional Indian art forms. The festival will continue till February 6, 2019 providing a platform to the upcoming talents from vocals and instruments to dance forms to set an audience base for themselves.



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