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On this International Youth Day; an exceptional campaign ‘Fertility Education’ has been initiated by Dr Jyoti Bali, Medical Director, Babysoon Fertility & IVF Centre and Secretary, Delhi Gynaecology Forum, Joint Secretary, Doctors Women Wing, Indian Medical Association. This campaign aims to prevent infertility in youth by running an educational program on fertility.

Under this campaign she will be organizing special workshops on Fertility Awareness in schools and institutes.

Elaborating on the ‘Fertility Education Campaign’, Dr Jyoti Bali said that ‘’ Just like Sex and Relationship Education is important for now, Fertility Education is essential for their future. Hence the Fertility education needs to be at the top of the agenda if we want to make a major impact in preventing infertility. The ability to procreate is such a fundamental human right that knowledge about factors affecting a boy and girl’s future fertility must surely be a basic tenet of their education.

Under Fertility Education Campaign, we recommend the government to make fertility education a mandatory module and it should include:

1.Tubal damage as a result of sexual behaviour, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and abortion.

2. The changes in a woman’s ovarian reserve that occur with age, factors that can influence or reduce ovarian reserve such as smoking and maternal age at menopause.

3. Factors that can reduce the male sperm count or damage sperm function.

4. General health factors that can increase the chances of infertility.

5. Implications of delaying pregnancy. They should be told that in order to have a 90% chance of having a single child the female should start trying to conceive before the age of 35 and for two children the latest starting age is 31 years. These simple statistics can have a profound impact in providing school pupils with information to make life changing choices.

6. Information about the investigations required for fertility assessment and available treatment for infertility.

7. Male infertility factors including low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or abnormal morphology.

8. Oocyte Freezing (Egg Freezing) & Cryopreservation

I believe that education about the biology of fertility and the factors affecting fertility would help to preserve fertility and in the long term, prevent infertility in young people.’’


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