Feasibility of Hydro Power projects in Bhagirathi and Alaknanda IIT, Roorkee and WII, Dehradun to conduct study on Cumulative impact




To assess the feasibility of the hydro electric projects that are proposed on the rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda the Ministry of Environment and Forests has decided to get studies conducted by IIT Roorkee and WII, Dehradun.

Review of environmental impact assessments of individual hydro electric projects have been made on a standalone basis. In view of the fact that a series of hydro electric projects are planned, under implementation and operational on Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers, it has been decided that a comprehensive study may be undertaken on the likely cumulative impact of the projects on the flow and character of the river. The study would inter alia, determine the requirement of minimum flow from the proposed and already commissioned hydro electric projects on these rivers in their entire stretch.

The ministry also feels that cumulative environmental impact of various hydro electric projects on the riverine eco system, in general, and terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, in particular, along with a review of the effectiveness of the mitigative measures and compliance of the stipulated conditions on which various projects have earlier been cleared needs to be undertaken. It has been decided that the Forest Conservation Division in the Ministry would itself commission the study involving the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun and other appropriate institutions having special knowledge and practical experience in the field of terrestrial, aquatic flora & fauna and biodiversity.




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