unnamedKulbir Singh Kalsi,
The Femina Miss India 2014 beauty pageant is nearing its end and with that the competition to win the coveted Miss India title. FBB Femina Miss India 2014 hosted a press meet to introduce the girls who will represent Chandigarh in the grand finale of the Miss India 2014 today at the Big Bazaar, Chandigarh. FBB is the title sponsor of the FBB Femina Miss India-2014 contest. 

After the preliminary audition rounds some of the leading contestants faded out while there were quite a few who impressed the judges and are hot favourites. The girls who were present at the press meet were Amarjot kaur and Mansi Grewal. They were ecstatic and blessed to have reached so far into the competition and are looking forward to the finale. They exuded confidence and charm at the press meet captivating the audience. 

The event was organized by the Big Bazaar team to promote the girl who could be the next Miss India. Mr. Vinay Upadhyay, Store Manager, Big Bazaar, commented, “We’re pleased to introduce to you the final contestants from Chandigarh, they will represent the city of Chandigarh at the grand finale of the Miss India 2014. It’s a remarkable achievement for the participants and the city and we’re glad to be a part of this journey.”



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