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Falguni Kothari, a New York-based hybrid author has launched her book SOUL WARRIOR: THE AGE OF KALIexclusively on AMAZON today. The novel is an urban fantasy based in mythological themes, and is the first book in the Age of Kali series. She laughingly describes it as a Bollywood-style Mahabharata Part 2.

About the book:

Soul Warrior reimagines the old myths and legends of India. The story focuses on Karna, the son of Surya, who has been the guardian of the Human Realm for almost 8,000 years, and has recently been appointed guru to a bunch of delinquent godlings fresh of the Celestial boat. On the surface, the divine request seems simple. But very quickly, the situation goes from bad to worse. Karna’s new students give him no small amount of trouble in the obedience department. His old paramour suddenly comes back into his life, seemingly to her own sinister agenda. Also, there are rumors that his old nemesis is on his way back to Earth after 5,000 years in exile to even scores. Then there’s the whole mess about his secret ill-fated offspring. All in all, the demons who Karna vanquishes on a daily basis seem like stress-relief compared to the new unearthly calamities disrupting his life.

Soul Warrior is unique in the sense that it takes the mighty epic’s characters and plunks them into the modern world, without divesting them of any of their cosmic mystique. Kothari’s additions to that hallowed pantheon are larger-than-life, fully rounded characters, all of whom bring their own unique flavor to the fantastic fast-paced feast she serves up for a reader.

Falguni Kothari New York based hybrid author,Falguni Kothari,author Falguni Kothari ,Falguni Kothari authorAbout the author :

Falguni Kothariis a New York-basedhybridauthor. Shewrites in a variety of genres sewntogether by the colourful and cultural threads of her South Asian heritage, and expatexperiences. Sheispublished in India in contemporary fiction with global e-book availability. Her first two books – It’sYour Move, Wordfreak! and Bootie and the Beasthave beenwell-receivedglobally.

Born and bred in Mumbai, she married young and moved with her family to New York in the year 2001. In her youth, she never thought she would be an author. In fact, she disliked “regimented writing” all through her school years. But, her love for stories—especially stories about legendary heroines and the alpha heroes who love them—haveinspired her own work and assured her placeas a promising and upcoming author in the publishing world.

Falguniis also an amateur Latin and Ballroom dance silvermedalist with a semi-professional background in IndianClassical dance. When not writing, dancing or being a domesticgoddess, shefoolsaround on all manner of social media and loves to connect with her readers.


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