Renewing his attack on Aam Aadmi Party, the Education Minister today said that fake leaders are releasing fake figures to mislead people.

In a statement issued here today, the Minister hoped that the list released by Mr. Sisodia pertaining to locations of 250 schools was the correct one. Mr Pargat Singh said that he thinks that Sisodia was in so much hurry to respond that he didn’t even read what the Minister had written. He said that he had categorically said that they would compare on the parameters of the national performance grading index 2021.

The Minister said that the list that Sisodia had released should also throw light on school-wise enrolment numbers, permanent teachers and vacancies, 10th results and the names of principals. He also asked them to mention the figures from 2013-14 to 2019-20 so that everyone has a clear picture. Mr Pargat Singh said that he had also asked for the same information earlier as well but I wonder what are you hiding.

Asserting that he will not let Sisodia get away like this, the Minister said that if there is decline. In students, what education reform will you do?  He said that When there are no principals, who are you sending on training?  Mr Pargat Singh further said that when children fail in 10th, then who will go for higher education? Adding that why to talk about infrastructure when there is no new school?

The Minister said that Mr Sisodia might be reluctant to discuss these points so he requested Kejriwal to give the correct list .Let us decide once for all who is “real” and who is “fake” Aam Aadmi. He added.


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