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India has risen to the task  of promoting adventure tourism, since past few years. Blessed with astounding geographic diversity, Indiais rightly emerging as one of the leading, and most sought after destinations by both, Indian and foreign adventure tourists alike. This trend has permeated both the sectors of travel in India: Religious travel as well adventure and experiential travel.

Below are few of the prominent reasons that have augmented the growth of adventure tourism in India:

Geographical Factors:

India is known to be a land of diversity- both geographical as well as cultural.  A vast expanse of geographic land, stunning in its various forms, is available at the adventure-enthusiasts disposal and they can choose to have their fill of thrill from all- aerial, water and land sports, all within one beautiful nation, which also happens to be price sensitive. So tourists get a huge variety at a cost much more affordable, than the same sports would be anywhere abroad.


According to a recent report, India is expected to be the youngest country by 2020. The percentage of youth will be 34.33% of the whole population. It is observed that large percentage of the young are more inclined towards adventure sports, taking up the industrial growth a notch higher than previous decade.


Goods and Services Tax (GST) has already taken the country up by storm, with a strong dose of transparency into the market.Now, it is set to make tourism even more affordable for the middle class of the country.The number of tourists for inbound travel are mostly from the middle class and with GST  making tourism even more affordable, adventure tourism in India gets a boost from the unlikely ally.

Women travellers:

With a new wave of feminism rocking the nation, the female compatriots are embracing their bolder side and venturing into uncharted territories, accepting, embracing and even taking further, adventure sports with open arms. Our first Bungy Jumper, and our 50 thousandth Bungy Jumper, were both women, and they are truly a force to reckon with, even in the sphere of adventure sports.


The purchasing power of the masses has gone up and a need to offer competitive prices to the booming adventure travel and tourism industry has made the industry at large offer their services at extremely affordable rates to the most sought after market: the Indian Middle Class. Such changes have built a powerful platform for adventure tourism to thrive on, on an international scale.

The Bucket List Fad:

Slew of modern age fads have spurred the growth of adventure tourism, the prominent one being the onset of bucket lists into modern life. A significant part of popular culture, the “10-things-to-do-before-I-die” lists often contain a large share of adventure sports that the person wants to try. This makes the participation even more special as a wishlist comes with great significance. People also want to post about their adventures, to be one up, as these activities are seen as out-of-the-box, and seen as ‘accomplishments’.

Government initiatives

Seeing the furore around adventure sports, the government has launched a slew of initiatives to spurr the growth. “Incredible India” has been one of the foremost movements to boost that cause and it’s popularity has had a significant impact on the amount of tours conducted, and the dignity attached to Indian Tourism and Adventure Sports in the minds of the people.


Adventure Tour Operators Association of India, is a private national body that has been striving hard to promote Adventure and Eco Tourism in India. The association was founded with an aim to create awareness about the immense potential for adventure tourism in India and to harness this potential in a safe, sensitive and environment friendly manner, and has today grown to comprise of over 200 members across the country and abroad.


With increased awareness within the market, safety is rightly being given considerable priority, and the industry at large is growing at a prolific rate. Adventure Sports has the power to change you, enhance your thoughts, give you an opportunity to overcome your fears, and emerge victorious. Its so much more than just a holiday activity, it’s a chance to grow. Which is why Adventure has always held a special place in our hearts and we are really glad that the deep bond between India and adventure is growing deeper and stronger.


About the Author

 Rahul Nigam

Author  and Entrepreneur

 Founder and Managing Director of Jumpin Heights

 Rahul Nigam is the Managing director and founder of Jumpin Heights,  an Extreme Adventure Zone, catering to the adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, residing in India. Jumpin heights set up India’s Highest Bungee Jump, India’s most Extreme Giant Swing, and Asia’s Longest Flying Fox. The venture is run by Ex-Army Officers, and has Jump Masters from New Zealand to handle each jump.

 Disclaimer : The views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC NEWS.


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