Eye problems – Should never be neglected


–  Dr. Rohinton Vevai – 

Most of the eye problems occur while performing daily routine activities at home like cleaning, mowing, repairing, as well as cooking. It is estimated that about half of the yearly 2.5 million eye injuries take place at home. It is often seen that people become complacent and forget to take proper precautions while going about their daily tasks. This October, being the home eye safety month, it is important that we join hands and participate in this awareness program. Home eye safety month has been initiated to spread awareness about developing a healthy habit of taking proper eye safety measures wherever necessary.

Eye problems, whether minor or major, should never be neglected. In India, every one out of four eye injuries occurs at home. Researches have pointed out that about 7.5% of the South Indian population has some form of eye injury and amongst them, 0.6% of the cases ultimately lead to unilateral blindness.

What is an eye problem?

An eye problem refers to the deterioration or damage of the delicate tissues of the eye due to some external causes. A strike to the eye by some hard object or any other form of foreign particles can lead to such an injury/problem.

How computers/ mobile rays are affecting eyes in today’s world?

Excessive use of mobile phones and computers in today’s generation has a huge contribution to the deteriorating eyesight in youngsters. These electronic devices emit blue light that adversely affects the retina of our eyes. Some researchers also believe that the exposure of our eyes to the blue light is linked with eye problems like cataract. Hence, excessive use of mobile and computers should be avoided, especially during night time.

Things you can do to protect your eyes at home.

Since most of the eye injuries commonly occur during various activities at home, it is important that you take proper precautionary measures in order to reduce the risks of getting such an injury. Wearing protective eye goggles while working helps you to protect your eyes from dust and other particles, chemical splashes and flying objects. While handling hazardous products (such as cleansers, bleach, detergents), mixing of other chemical agents with them should be strictly avoided and such agents should be used in well-ventilated areas. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face or eyes. Tools and other hazardous objects should always be kept out of reach of children so that they do not get accidentally affected by them. Using a shield and other protective measures while cooking will help you to stay protected from oil splashes on your face or eyes and other accidents.

Since it is impossible to avoid such unexpected causes of eye injury every time, it is very important that we avoid rubbing or touching the eyes in case an eye injury occurs. The affected eyes should be thoroughly flushed using cold water and immediate medical care should be administered.


About the Author

Dr. Rohinton Vevai

Author & Consultant

Dr. Rohinton Vevai, Senior Consultant Ophthalmology, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield.

Disclaimer : The views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC NEWS.


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