Mecca : The holy city in Saudi Arabia, is currently experiencing scorching heat, with temperatures soaring up to 48 degrees Celsius. As nearly 1.8 million Muslims from 160 countries gather in Mecca to perform Haj, the extreme heat has posed a significant challenge. The intense weather conditions have resulted in approximately 2000 Haj pilgrims being hospitalized due to heatstroke. This year, a substantial number of elderly individuals are among those who have embarked on this spiritual journey.

The Impact of Heatstroke on Haj Pilgrims

The Ministry of Health in Riyadh has reported that over 8400 individuals have received medical treatment in hospitals established specifically for the Haj season. In response to the heatwave, the Health Ministry has advised the Haj pilgrims to take precautions, such as avoiding direct exposure to the sun and staying hydrated by drinking ample amounts of water.

Heatstroke Fatalities Among Haj Pilgrims

Tragically, it has been reported that 209 Haj pilgrims from Indonesia have lost their lives due to heatstroke. In addition, the oldest Haj pilgrim from Iran, a 114-year-old individual, has also passed away. The scorching temperatures have claimed the lives of 10 Haj pilgrims from Iran as well. Although the Saudi government has not made any official announcements regarding these fatalities, the severity of the heat has prompted them to take measures to ensure the well-being of arriving pilgrims.

Saudi Government’s Measures to Combat the Heatwave

Given the extreme conditions, the Saudi government has taken proactive steps to address the challenges faced by the Haj pilgrims. An automatic cooling system has been installed to provide relief from the oppressive heat. Additionally, free water bottles and umbrellas are being distributed to the pilgrims to help them stay hydrated and shielded from the sun’s rays. Recognizing the critical nature of the situation, the Saudi government has deployed over 32,000 health workers to assist and attend to the needs of the pilgrims.


The scorching heatwave in Mecca, with temperatures reaching 48 degrees Celsius, has taken a toll on the Haj pilgrims. The high incidence of heatstroke cases and unfortunate fatalities underscores the importance of taking necessary precautions and providing adequate support to ensure the well-being of the pilgrims. The Saudi government’s swift response in implementing cooling measures, distributing water bottles and umbrellas, and mobilizing a significant number of health workers demonstrates their commitment to addressing this critical issue.


1. How many Haj pilgrims have been hospitalized due to heatstroke?

Approximately 2000 Haj pilgrims have been hospitalized due to heatstroke in Mecca.

2. Are there any reported fatalities among the Haj pilgrims?

Yes, 209 Haj pilgrims from Indonesia and several pilgrims from Iran have lost their lives due to heatstroke.

3. What measures has the Saudi government taken to combat the heatwave?

The Saudi government has installed an automatic cooling system, provided free water bottles and umbrellas to pilgrims, and deployed over 32,000 health workers.

4. How many Haj pilgrims are present in Mecca this year?

Nearly 1.8 million Muslims from 160 countries have gathered in Mecca to perform Haj this year.

5. What precautions have been advised to the Haj pilgrims?

The Ministry of Health has advised Haj pilgrims to avoid direct exposure to the sun and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.


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