Exposing Fraud: Scam Unveiled in Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme!


Prime Minister’s housing scheme fraud : A distressing case of deception has surfaced in the Birgaon Municipal Corporation area, where three individuals were swindled of Rs 45 thousand under the pretext of securing housing under the Prime Minister’s residence scheme. Perpetrators resorted to issuing forged receipts purportedly from the corporation, sealed with official stamps, to execute their deceitful scheme. Prompt action was taken by the Corporation Commissioner, lodging a formal complaint with the Urla police station, resulting in the initiation of legal proceedings against the perpetrator.

The Deceptive Scheme Unveiled

The fraudulent operation, orchestrated by the accused Sushant Netam, also known as Prahlad, exploited the hopes and aspirations of unsuspecting individuals seeking housing assistance. Under false pretenses, Netam managed to deceive victims into parting with substantial sums of money by promising them allocations in the BSUP Colony in Urla, falsely claiming to facilitate Prime Ministerial residences.

Breach of Trust: Fabricated Receipts and Allocation Letters

In a blatant breach of trust, Netam not only solicited funds from the victims but also provided them with counterfeit corporation receipts and fabricated house allotment letters. These fraudulent documents, seemingly authentic, further perpetuated the deception, leaving victims reeling from the financial and emotional repercussions of the scam.

Investigation and Revelations

Upon receiving complaints, diligent corporation workers, including Virendra Pratap Singh Thakur and Indranil Singh Parihar, undertook a thorough investigation into the matter. During the course of the inquiry, inquiries with residents of the BSUP Colony revealed damning evidence, with Ashok Pandey disclosing that Netam had fraudulently obtained Rs 35 thousand from him in exchange for the promise of a Prime Ministerial residence. Pandey also provided investigators with three counterfeit receipts purportedly issued by the corporation.

Complicity Exposed: Misappropriation of Electrification Work

Further probing into Netam’s activities exposed instances of complicity, as he attempted to mislead authorities by falsely claiming oversight of electrification work in the designated area. However, investigations revealed that the said block had already been allocated to another beneficiary by the corporation, highlighting the audacious lengths to which the fraudster went to perpetuate his deceit.

Legal Action and Pursuit of Justice

The gravity of the offenses prompted swift legal action, with authorities registering a case under sections 420 (cheating), 467 (forgery of valuable security), and 468 (forgery for purpose of cheating). Efforts are currently underway to locate and apprehend the accused, ensuring accountability and justice for the victims of this reprehensible scam.

Community Impact and Remedial Measures

Beyond the immediate financial losses, the ramifications of such fraudulent activities extend to the erosion of trust within the community. In response, concerted efforts are being made to enhance awareness and vigilance, empowering individuals to safeguard against similar scams in the future and restore faith in public service institutions.


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