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Friday, September 24th, 2021

Exploring the top unique active trading strategies

New Delhi,

The act of buying and selling trades based on short-term goals is known as active trading, which is very popular among newbies. Active Forex traders think that they can make a profit using short-term movements of the financial instrument, and to accomplish their goal, they implement different types of trading methods.  

1.      Day trading

Day trading is one of the most popular Forex trading styles and defines the strategy of buying and selling currency pairs on the same day. This method was practiced by the market makers and professionals previously, but now novice investors are also using this type of approach. This type is not like popular scalping because the trader does not wait more than one day to close the trade to get the profit.

2.      Position trading

This type of trading concentrates on a “buy and hold policy” and not like active day trading. Long-term charts are preferred here, and reports are analyzed based on weeks or months. Based on current market trends, this type of trading determines how long it can be extended. To check positions of the higher highs and lower highs of the securities, most of the experts depend on the graph charts. 

Both the uptrends and downtrends are emphasized for reaching a certain point for making important decisions. To know more about the different phases of the trend, view the website of Saxo. Go through their premium educational contents and learn to take the trades in a standard way. And try to find the difficulties that you might face in position trading.

One downside in position trading is traders do not try to forecast the market based on price levels. Beginners jump to trade after trade based on their establishments, and if they find any downtrend, they exit the trades. During high market volatility, position-based trading becomes so tough to maintain as positions take droppings often.

3.      Swing Trading

Swing trading refers to the execution of the trade based on daily and hourly chart analysis. The method involves the simple process of analyzing the highs and lows of the market which makes the key swings.

To trade with the swing trading method, you must have strong technical and fundamental analysis skills. Those who are using the EAs, rely on special algorithms which determine the potential zone for taking the trades. 

The downside of this type of strategy is also noted because it cannot predict the near peak value or downward point. For a perfect flow, it requires a market that moves in a single direction, but sometimes a sideways or ranging market can prove as a risk for newbies.

4.      Scalping

Scalping is regarded as one of the quickest types of trading strategy, which focuses on the short-term profit-taking opportunity. In this method, the traders execute the trade in the lower time frame and usually close the trade within an hour regardless of the outcome. It’s more like holding the position for a short period so that risk can be decreased. Scalpers do not try to exploit the uptrend with a high volume rather they take the facilities of smaller moves. 

The volatile market is disliked by the scalpers, and the ranging market is preferred by them because they can make the spread continuously on a comparatively fixed price. Scalping is a good choice for investors who hate waiting for closing a trade.

Scalpers seek little profits in a day and place up a few trades. Scalping is a good choice if the businessman has enough patience to look at the screen hours after hours with a quick-thinking ability.


Active traders apply those aforementioned types of active trading to analyze the cost and risk related to active trading. Based on higher high, higher low, lower high, and lower low, they make their crucial decisions to make a little profit with a higher lot by the shortest timeframe. 




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