Exploring Silver’s Link to Lord Shiva and Influence on Planets and Destiny


Kashi : Silver, a lustrous and versatile metal, holds a significant place in both practical and spiritual realms of human existence. Beyond its utilitarian applications in everyday life, silver carries profound symbolism and metaphysical significance. According to ancient scriptures, silver is believed to have originated from the eyes of Lord Shiva Shankar, imbuing it with a sacred essence. In astrology, silver is associated with the Moon and Venus, exerting influence over the water element and Kapha dhatu within the body. This article delves into the mystical realm of silver, exploring its potential to awaken dormant fortunes and its profound effects on both the physical body and celestial alignment.

Silver’s Influence on the Body and Planets

The use of pure silver extends beyond mere adornment; it is believed to possess transformative properties that can enhance both mental acuity and emotional well-being. Pure silver has been attributed with the ability to fortify a weakened Moon, fostering auspicious effects and emotional stability. Additionally, silver holds sway over Venus, offering a means to bolster its influence within the cosmic framework. From a physiological perspective, the consumption or application of pure silver in prescribed quantities is purported to purge toxins from the body, resulting in a rejuvenated complexion and overall vitality.

Precautions and Considerations

While silver is revered for its myriad benefits, it is essential to exercise caution in its usage, particularly regarding purity and individual astrological considerations. The efficacy of silver is contingent upon its purity, with purer forms yielding more potent results. It is advisable to avoid amalgamations of silver with other metals, such as gold, except under specific circumstances delineated by astrological counsel. Prior to utilizing silver utensils, thorough cleaning is recommended to ensure optimal purity and efficacy. Individuals grappling with emotional disturbances should approach silver usage judiciously, as its effects may exacerbate existing imbalances. Astrologically, silver resonates most harmoniously with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, while proving less favorable for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius natives.

Strategies for Harnessing Silver’s Fortuitous Energies

  1. Prosperity and Wealth: Wearing a pure silver ring on the pinky finger is believed to catalyze financial abundance, as it harmonizes the influences of the Moon and fosters mental equilibrium conducive to wealth accumulation.
  2. Alignment of Celestial Influences: In cases where the Moon and Venus are afflicted by malefic planetary forces, purification of a pure silver chain with sacred Ganga water and wearing it around the neck is recommended. This practice is purported to purify speech, balance hormonal secretions, and enhance concentration.
  3. Health and Vitality: For individuals plagued by frequent bouts of illness, donning a pure silver bangle post chanting of moon mantras is advocated. This ritual purportedly regulates the body’s tri-doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha), fortifying immunity and warding off illness.


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