Now there is a growing fear that, like in the case of influenza, the need for Kovid vaccines will also be on a seasonal basis. A panel of experts has recommended a special booster dose of the covid variant Omicron. A committee set up by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled in favor of it after spending a day reviewing available data.

19 people voted in favor of it and 2 people against it. According to a report, senior FDA scientist Peter Marks briefly explained the complexity of the problem before the meeting of experts, saying that this dangerous virus often falsifies predictions and mutates faster than the flu.He said. that what we are doing today is a very challenging task,

Because none of us have very clear information. It is worth noting that the companies that make the Kovid vaccine, Pfizer and Moderna have already presented data on the positive effect on antibodies from their special vaccines of Omicron.

Both these companies also made presentations on Tuesday about their mRNA vaccines. As Novavax did about its protein subunit vaccine.

Most of the committee’s experts appeared to favor a special booster dose for Omicron that boosts immunity against both the original COVID-19 and its variant Omicron. However, neither Moderna nor Pfizer have yet mass-produced such vaccines. produced on. PLC/GT


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