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Monday, January 25th, 2021

Executive Chef Aurélien Poirot Attract Global Tourists With Samputious Cuisines

chef_talkM.M.Khanna, INVC, Chandigarh, Born in Paris, Executive Chef Aurélien Poirot has a truly impressive culinary pedigree.  Working alongside the acknowldged masters of French cuisine, he has graced the kitchens of high profile Michelin star restaurants in Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam and Bangkok.  Most notably he collaborated with the inventor of nouvelle cuisine and three Michelin star Chef Alain Senderens to open a restaurant which was voted ‘Second Best Hotel Restaurant in Brussels’ by the prestigious ‘Guide Lemaire’ and ‘Third Best Themed Restaurant in the World’ by Food Illustrated Magazine. Few chefs can claim to have such a Michelin star studded culinary career as Chef Aurélien Poirot.  Applauded for his mastery of French cuisine by the New York Times, nominated as ‘Chef of the Year’ by Time Out Magazine, and author of the book ‘The Grand, Amsterdam: History and Cooking of a Legend’,  Aurélien Poirot is an extraordinary chef with a skill for gastronomy that highlights his esteemed international career and personal passions.



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