Examination and Student safety : A big issue for parents right now



New Delhi,  

This month is frantic and restless for the students as the millions of students are giving Indian’s most competitive examinations like NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) and JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) amid the coronavirus pandemic in the whole world. Students are worried about the examination and on the other side the parents are worried and scared of their children who are going out to give an exam. In this pandemic after seeing all the situations about COVID-19 in the world, students and parents are worried about getting infected during the traveling or examination. For the past few weeks many students protested and campaigned against the government for this, they demanded the delay or postpone of the examinations as there are many states where the coronavirus situation is still worse. There are many states of Bihar and Assam where students cannot travel due to floods and heavy rainfall but the Government of India and NTA (National Test Agency) who conduct these examinations in India refused their demand for rescheduling the examination.


The total active cases of Covid-19 in India are more than 3.8 million so far and also hitting the highest daily cases in recent days. This whole situation was anxious for the parents because they don’t believe that there is any kind of safety measures that have been implemented for the students in this process of examination. Though the state government has arranged a transportation facility for those students who need it. The safety issue has become a major concern for the parents and students as well that it even went to the supreme court but they dismissed their petition. The government stated that “the career of millions of students cannot be put in danger for long and we cannot waste the whole academic year of students”. There are millions of students who are appearing for these exams and there have been millions of queries from the past few months. They are confused, scared, and worried about their future.


Gopalan Anish Acharya, Founder of Medveda Educare Pvt Ltd said; “The safety is the prime issue for everyone today, be it students, parents, or teachers it should be for everyone. The daily cases of above 90,000 are a scary situation for parents and students and it’s genuine that they demand the reschedule of examination. Students are scared and have even thought of dropping this year but they need to understand that decision taken by the government and HRD Ministry of not rescheduling the exams was a wise decision at this point of time where we are running few months late for these examinations, these exams should be done in July so we cannot put the future of our country in jeopardy for such a long time. Irrespective of this situation, our lives cannot be stopped, this is the new normal situation and every person has to believe it and has to live with it while taking all the precautions. Students should be prepared with all the concerned precautions for their safety. The new guidelines passed by the NTA should be kept in mind about the masks, face shields, and gloves. The focus should be more on the examination. These times are hard for everyone and everyone has to deal with their problems. The parents should not be worried or pressure students because that will affect their mental health which is not good for the students during exams.”


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