Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Evidence before Muzaffarnagar riot commission

Luknow, IPS officer Amitabh Thakur today deposed before the Justice Vishnu Sahai commission enquiring into Muzaffarnagar riots, in its Lucknow office. In his written statement, Sri Thakur said that on 07 September 2013, Abhishek Jain from  uzaffarnagar called him more than once between 08 to 10 PM about no police force being deployed in the extremely sensitive points of Fakkad Shah Chauk, Shaheed Chauk, Sakko wali gali, Lohia Bazar, Meenakshi chauk and Bagra Tanga Adda, situated around his residence, despite repeated requests to various police officers, asking his help. Sri Thakur said that he also phoned the police control rooms but no action was taken. After having seen these sensitive points during his recent personal visit to Muzaffarnagar and having gathered information, he has recommended deployment of adequate police force in the above regions as still being quite vulnerable to such incidences.



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