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Everything you need to know about Australia fires


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Well, it’s a new year, a new beginning but the Australian fire is an incident that will be remembered for decades. Yes, the Australian jungle caught fires that wasdevastating and thousands of animals have lost their lives. Quite different from the topic, if you are interested in gambling, you can get more info at SevenJackpots.comand try your luck.

Coming straight at the Australian Fires, dozens of strong fires erupted right in the South Wales Australia that compelled the government to announce a national emergency.

The fires spread across all other states and an area of around 25.5 million acres has been already burned.

Therefore, come along as we let you know every sort of information regarding the Australia fires.

Grab Some Essential Details about the Australia Fires

With the spreading of fires around 27 people have died whereas more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed due to the sudden fires.  Plus, as and when the fires intensified, more fires have come into existence and are burning at a tremendous rate.

Speaking about the summer, it extends from the month of December to February whereas the Fire Season peaks from the month of January.

Right on January 3rd, 2020, the officials warned that the fires can get worse over the next few days. By the time January 10 came, the fires made their way towards the southeast regions due to the fanning of those disrupting winds.

Also, Australia recorded one of the worst pollutions that was 24 times higher than the normal.

Coming down at the jungle fires, more than 1 million birds, mammals, and reptiles have lost their lives. Also, around 25,000 Koalas are said to have died right on the Kangaroo Island.

On top of that, eight thousand Koalas seem to have perished from the lands in New South Wales. This is indeed not a good thing whereas the helpers are trying their best to rescue those species.

Well, continent like Australia is the home for 244 species that you cannot find in any part of the world. Also, the region has got a massive number of native animals that are living for the past 200 years.

The bushfires were covered by tons of the media houses whereas people were seen to protect those animals. Plenty of them fed the animals with food right from some good heights with the help of a chopper.


What does the Climatic Change do to such things?

First of all, fire catching is not new in Australia as it is facing such issues for a long period of time. However, as the fires have spread into the bushfires, it was simply unpredicted and caused havoc all over Australia.

Also, Australia suffered the hottest day right on December 18where the temperature reached 41.9 degrees Celsius. Well, as and when the Australian jungles have caught fire, scientists predict that the world is allset to be a much warmer place to live in.

Further, the Australian prime minister suffered huge critics due to such issues where people criticized the Australian government.

Well, after such sort of dangerous fires, Australians rely on firefighters, especially in the forest regions.

Plenty of the volunteers were also actively involved to stop the fires and tons of food were also given to the animals.

Well, around 3,000 army members too came to the rescue where the job was to extinguish the fires and save the animals as early as possible.

Also, Canada and the United States is also sending their firefighters to help curb such issues as early as possible.

Recently, the Malaysian government has also said to send the firefighters and save those animals from the gush of fires.


Well, year after year, Australia has faced such sort of issues but this time, the fires were more than expected. It has endangered several species and the animals are left with not much of a place.

On the other hand, the firefighters are trying their hardest to block those fires which will certainly take a few days more.

Till, then, all that we can do is to pray for the animals to survive such strong fires. Rest, the rescue team is doing their best to save those creatures, as fast as they can.



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