Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

Every Woman is special in her own

INVC NEWS Gurugram,

On the evening of International Women’s Day, accompanied with glitterati and glamour, Aashmeen Munjaal’s Star Salon and Academy celebrated the spirit of Womanhood. The evening witnessed an amazing show ' The Bride of India ' by Star Makeup & Hair Academy Students followed by convocation of the students of Star Academy in Gurugram. Students showcased the significance and unity of Indian culture and brides by replicating the fervor of Indian brides and honoured the pride and grace a bride holds and presented extraordinary creations on the theme. Around 40 models portrayed the glimpse of Wedding makeovers & Hair designing. Celebrity Makeup Artist, Aashmeen Munjaal said, “Every Woman is special in her own way so is her wedding day. With the concept of Bride of India, I salute the power and spirit of every Indian bride hailing from different parts of the country. Also, every year we introduce fresh talent in the event which accedes the audience to see more innovative and fresh looks. Our academy just acts as the helping hand for our students, whatever the looks are showcased are all the ideas of our students.” Students who want to start their salons after Star Academy professional course will be given full support & supervision. It's an opportunity to add full time or part time creative profile to your career. Student can earn money, name, and fame after doing this course.



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